“malaise, vomiting, nosebleeds”, in Montpellier, parents of pupils denounce “the unbearable heat” in the classrooms

This Friday, June 17, parents of students demonstrated in front of the town hall of Montpellier. They protest against the recurring lack of facilities in schools during heat waves.

Up to 37° in Montpellier school classes is unbearable! ‘ explains a mother of students.

This Friday morning, some thirty parents gathered in front of the town hall of Montpellier, outraged by the lack of facilities for children at school in the light of the heat wave.

While the Hérault is on yellow alert due to an early heat wave, parents of students are complaining about an untenable situation in schools, where the mercury reaches more than 35°. Only 12 red alert wards have exempted children from school due to the heat wave.

In some schools, the mercury rises to 35°, or even 37° as parents have pointed out,” explains Murielle Kosman of the Montpellier collective “A school, a future”

In children who feel sick because of the heat..

The children are sick in class. This puts children at school at risk!

Association “One school, one future”

We’ve had reports of fainting children in Roosevelt, Roux and Neruda schools, as well as nosebleeds, where teachers feel unwell. Difficulties associated with this heat”, says Murielle Kosman from the parents’ association

No air conditioning, no fans, schoolyards without trees, the parents of students denounce the conditions children experience in overheated and poorly equipped schools. The group of parents of students “One school, one future” and the FCPE say the situation has become unmanageable with the return of the warm weather.

This is an annually recurring problem. We have been warning for two years without any response to this emergency,” she continues.

On its website, the city of Montpellier describes the measures taken in schools in light of this situation.

Both in nurseries and schools, the officers are called upon to apply common sense instructions to overcome this heat peak: protect the child from the sun, cool it, hydrate it, ventilate the rooms during the coldest hours, close blinds and windows during the day, be vigilant for the welfare of children.”

She remembers that projects are tested. The city of Montpellier, committed to ecological transition, wants to adapt the city and its schools to high temperatures. This year, it launched an experiment on 4 school groups for the greening of schoolyards, to replace the bitumen with islands of freshnessFrom the start of the 2021 school year, the courtyards of 4 schools have been redesigned to give prominence to vegetation, water and shade. As for future schools, priority is given to bioclimatic buildings with natural ventilation,“says the city’s communications.

Not enough ! † the parents of students who were received as a delegation by the mayor’s office at the end of the rally react.

In a press release, the parent association states: “The representatives of the town hall tried to promote the multi-year school renewal program that has just started. But when asked to take immediate measures to refresh the classrooms, they replied that no provisions would be made before June 2023. To parents who testified about the health problems their children were causing from the heat—malaise, vomiting, nosebleeds—they replied that the solution was to get them out of school.

The association plans tousing legal and administrative procedures to coerce the city, its willful refusal to respond to the emergency may be considered a deliberate threat to the students.

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