VivaTech: are you going to test Facebook’s META?

News hardware VivaTech: are you going to test Facebook’s META?

The largest European exhibition on innovation and digital is back from 15 to 18 June. This year, the show made it all the way to Web3. Among these new stands, META’s is a great success. Indeed, to test the Facebook metaverse, some people had to wait several hours…

The Vivatech Show with Web3 Sauce

The Vivatech show, which first appeared in 2016, has become the unmissable meeting place for the world’s tech elite. Every year, the show highlights new technologies and innovations by inviting the best companies in their fields.

For this 6th edition, Vivatech has honored the world of blockchain by inviting very big names from the crypto ecosystem to headline.

For example, on June 15 and 16, the sector’s pros were able to attend the interventions (remotely) by Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. The Russian entrepreneur took the opportunity to popularize and develop the various applications of blockchain in various sectors.

In general, when we hear blockchain and web3, the metaverse is never far away…

LVMH, which plans to install its products and services permanently in the virtual world, has the largest booth at the fair. In particular, the group will present “various applications of using the metaverse for the world of luxury, in part through its new virtual muse, Livi, who will be the spokesperson for the Group’s innovations”.

But the group isn’t the only one offering the metaverse to Vivatech…

Indeed, META, one of the leaders in the field, is also there with a booth dedicated to its virtual world Horizon.

A stand that is a great success because there was a 5 hour queue for participation in an activity in the Metaverse this Thursday 15 June.

While the show was only reserved for professionals, one wonders how much waiting time is required when it opens to the general public?

You must be wondering what generalissimo activity requires a 5 hour wait… A roller coaster in the metaverse? No, an augmented reality meeting.

Indeed, for Vivatech 2022, Mark Zukerberg’s company is offering the opportunity to join a virtual meeting in his Horizon Workrooms metaverse.

The company has planned a line of Oculus Quest 2 headphones for the occasion that will propel you straight into the professional world of tomorrow.

So if you don’t have 5 hours to devote to a virtual meeting, put on Oculus and we’ll teleport you into the world of work of the future.


First you choose with your controller the setting for the meeting of your dreams: a paradise beach, a chalet in the mountains, the forest….

Then comes the choice of your cartoon character’s avatar.

Once your character is created, you sit down with your colleagues around a virtual 3D meeting table.

When interacting alone at home, your avatar in the virtual world reproduces your movements and your facial expression quite faithfully.

Thanks to the spatialisation of the sound, every interlocutor can be heard, but with a variability of the sound power depending on their position on the conference table. Fortunately, a neighbor who whispers to you: “What are we eating for lunch? will not be heard throughout the virtual space… This feature will make the exchanges more spontaneous, according to Antoine Bordes, Meta’s IA director.

Finally, to take notes in this virtual world, you can use word processing software integrated directly into the interface, but also be seduced by the virtual pen which reproduces the movement quite reliably, thanks to “hand tracking”, hand and fingers.

End of the meeting…

META is already well accomplished and promising.

While not everyone has a virtual reality headset at home, the tool at this level of development would have been very useful in the context of incarceration a few years ago.

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