The Best New School Punchlines on Netflix (SPOILERS)

In anticipation of the finale on June 23, here are the best punchlines to remember from Netflix’s new rap TV show, Nouvelle Ecole.

After the success of Rhythm + Flow, we eagerly awaited the French adaptation of Netflix’s new rap competition. It was finally after two long years of teasing that Nouvelle Ecole arrived. The pitch is simple: the jury consisting of Niska, Shay and SCH has the mission to track down the new French-speaking rap nugget in their respective cities: Paris, Brussels and Marseille. The prize for the big winner: a check for 100,000 euros to definitively launch his career.

After the first auditions organized in Paris, fourteen candidates were selected from the twenty-four initially selected: BB Jacques, Pirate 182, Houssbad, Leys, STLR, Soumeya, Vink, Elyon, KT Gorique, Fresh la Peufra, Rayanr, Naimless, Juss and Dirlo. In a next phase, the MCs of La Nouvelle Ecole focused on practicing cyphers, or freestyles in which group cohesion should be paramount.

After the eliminations of Pirate, Rayanr, Naimless and Juss, the ten remaining MCs faced one of the most difficult exercises of the competition: the battles. The rules are clear, whoever loses his lyrical battle is eliminated from the competition. After fierce duels, it was finally Leys, STLR, Elyon, KT Gorique, Fresh la Peufra who took over their opponents. Special mention to Houssbad, who is fished out by the jury in extremis.

The next two steps, the production of a clip and the stage performance in duet with a big name in the French-language play. If each of the performers managed to portray their universe with dignity and secure the show on stage despite the pressure, only Fresh La Peufra, Leys and Elyon secured their ticket to the final. The inventory of the first seven episodes is now ready, it’s time to pay tribute to the careers of each of New School’s candidates, through a selection of their best punchlines.

The punchlines to remember in New School

Episode 3: Facing the Jury

  • STLR: “ Listen to the talent, don’t calculate the streams »
  • STLR “It’s millions, not donkeys we want to beat”
  • BB Jacques: If the cast is XXL, it’s normal, it’s Jacques we see”
  • Soumeya : “I hope to get better, but it’s just a mirage”
  • Soumeya : “When you’re in deep shit, you make people happy”
  • Soumeya : “If music is a sin, I might as well expose it in my sounds, not like these altruists”
  • juice : “Lots of all eyes on me, but very few real friends”
  • leys : I put my heart in my pocket to prevent love from being in my paws”
  • leys : “I have applied varnish to my wounds”
  • leys : “F*ck everyone we hurt, there are very few people we appreciate”
  • Elyon : “I know everything is for sale, but that friendship is for rent”
  • Elyon : “My heart when I’m in the shadows it’s not because I’m the light, it’s because I’m the light”
  • KT Goric “If knowledge is a weapon, the industry should retake the weapons test”
  • Fresh Lapeufra: You’re nervous out there, but with us you’re a plant”
  • Fresh Lapeufra: I left my louboutins with the ti-pe, because there is truth without under my shoes

Episode 4: The Cyphers

  • finch : I don’t participate, but I learn from their fights
  • Elion: ” She told me it’s electric between us, I was told it was a power strip”
  • dirlo : “The names of your victims in the cities, they should write in the books
  • KT Goric : “So many streams I could breathe underwater, I sing like a siren, cut like a knife”
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “I laugh because I broke the pain”
  • BB Jacques: “No history without strikethrough, no doggystyle without beating”
  • juice : “Poto, I’ve got all the cards, I’m the goddamn king of the ace”
  • STLR“I’m addicted to my dreams, no one can take them away from me”
  • STLR : “I’m on my feet, but life makes fun of me”
  • STLR : “I look at the others and I don’t feel the same, I don’t like this world, but I want to monopolize it”
  • Soumeya : “You retire like Marion-Marshal, they are afraid of me like I’m DSK”
  • Pirate : “When the time is sorrel, f*ck the Rolex, we want the Big Ben”
  • housbad : “You may be the best of the best, if you messed up you pay the price, just ask Benze”

Episode 5: The Battles

  • “You have so much hair on your cheek that it makes me sneeze: ATCHEWBAKA” – “ KT Gorique in Soumeya »
  • Your team doesn’t trust you, you only wore the bracelet during swimming lessons” – “ Dirlo in Leys »
  • “You only crush cigarettes” – “ Leys to Dirlo »
  • “Brother, you piss everyone off like a saliva test” – “ Elyon to Vink
  • “Lesson 1: the order of the letters: him SCH, you, CHS” – “ Elyon to Vink
  • “I put more soul than with Père Lachaise” – “BB Jacques at STLR”
  • BB Jacques, the rap version of BB Brune” – “ STLR to BB Jacques »
  • BB Jacques, tonight you had your ass powdered” – “ STLR to BB Jacques »
  • “It’s on the street that I meet the real rappers, what are you doing big there? How much did you pay? – “Fresh Lapeufra in Houssbad”
  • “Yeah, you’re the Ali Express version of Fifty” – “Houssbad at Fresh Lapeufra”

Episode 6: The Music Videos

  • Elyon : “We give life at night, we can lose it at noon” – ” Looking “
  • Elyon : “Don’t confuse love and then interest” – “ Looking “
  • KT Goric : “I do magic when I rap, follow my voice like 9/3/4” – “ Hasta la muerte »
  • KT Goric: “Sometimes I think our species has to go extinct before we burn our planet to ashes” – “ Hasta la muerte »
  • Fresh Lapeufra “I have a big family waiting for the pesos, so I postpone love story” – ” Drama queen “
  • STLR : “The heart is cold, I can break the ice, I want to triple my bundle” – “ Mach 10″
  • leys : “The words of my soul, only you could guess them” – ” Nothing but “
  • leys : “You know my values, you know they are not limited to a few amounts” – ” Nothing but “
  • House bath: ” I am round in FIFA, square in PES” – “ kill that »
  • housbad : “Like Kodak, we stay focused on the lens” – “ kill that »

Episode 7: The Features

  • leys : “You have the right to mistrust the people around you, just for the crowds” – ” Beautiful baby” (Naza)
  • housbad : “Go outside” it used to be, now it’s Houss” – ” God bless” (Hamza)
  • Frash Lapeufra : “I don’t want to hit them anymore, I only think of one thing, it’s brewing” – ” Papers” (Zola)
  • elyon: “I’m better than yesterday, but I don’t have a short memory” – “ Don’t come back” (Gradur)
  • elyon: “You put my heart on a stretcher, but I made it a light” – “ Don’t come back” (Gradur)

Until Thursday 23 June for the grand final….

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