rejuvenation for the Ecole de Nancy

At the beginning of 2022, the Tourist Office entrusted young graphic designers, videographers and architects with the mission of presenting Art Nouveau in a more modern way. Their work is now accessible. The opportunity to (re)discover an artistic movement of which Nancy was a key city at the beginning of the 20th century.

Have you ever thought that you could slip behind the scenes of the Ecole de Nancy’s birth from your computer or smartphone? Here’s what the immersive journey that Monolithe Studio has just taken has to offer you. Seven videos to immerse yourself in 1901, when the Provincial Alliance of Art Industries was born. The common thread of these sequences is Henri, young apprentice who evokes the effervescence of Nancy at the beginning of the 20th century.

Every Sunday, weather permitting, I walk the paths of the Parc de la Pépinière. If you saw the elegant costumes that the inhabitants of Nancy wore on their Sunday walk. I can tell you that we don’t call this city “little Paris” for nothing† […] I feel this is the place to be. I have the impression that the city lives to the rhythm of this emerging century. Wherever we create, we undertake, we build, we even electrify. It’s so exciting‘ writes Henri’s character in the presentation video.

Video is a great way to convey emotions.

Flavien Duvoix, Monolith Studio

Co-founder of Monolithe, a company specialized in smart tourism (tourism based on the use of new technologies), Flavien Duvoix explains: “video is our favorite means of expression. We come from the movie world. It’s a great way to convey emotions.

The team had five months to prepare and produce this 25-minute video using resources worthy of a short film. †It’s not every day that you can work like this, with costumes and make-up. it was a real pleasure to be able to reconstruct Nancy in 1901‘ adds the director.

video length: 01min 23

Art Nouveau compelling travelogue

©France Televisions

Videos integrated into a journey that also includes elements of contextualization, as seen in this report.

This immersive journey was created for Destination Nancy, an organization responsible for promoting the city. †We have a great wealth of Art Nouveau heritage“, explains Hervé Divet, director of the post of the Tourist Office. A heritage inherited from the School of Nancy, this movement based on an alliance between artists and industrialists who advocate “art in everything, art for all”.This is a theme that attracts the tourists of Nancy who like this style, especially the Japaneseexplains Hervé Divet.

We have real artistic gold nuggets in Nancy today.

Hervé Divet, Director of the Tourist Office of Nancy

The team of the Tourist Office was inspired by the spirit of the Ecole de Nancy to make known the history of Art Nouveau in the city and discover the many traces that remain of this “era of artistic and economic “gold”, .”Today, in the agglomeration, we have a network of small businesses with artistic know-how. Real clogs. It seemed obvious to us to call on themadds Hervé Divet.

Destination Nancy has hired an architect specializing in the reconstruction of sites that no longer exist. The public can now discover his video recreating in 3D the International Exhibition of East France of 1909, a real showcase of the dynamism of Nancy at the time (see our article on the subject).

An illustrator-graphic designer was commissioned to create a new medium for the city’s Art Nouveau gatherings. Thomy Thomas was trained as an architect and enjoys coloring the arid facades that represent the appearance of buildings. She slips into her drawings flowers, insects and other natural elements that inspired the artists of the Ecole de Nancy, as can be seen in this report.

video length: 01min 37

Report Thomy Thomas

©France Televisions

In the twenty-page booklet of the rally, a circuit in 16 stages with the print of the Art Nouveau in the city center of Nancy. At the beginning of the school year, other routes will be created to discover the richness of this heritage, spread over other districts.

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