“Making Mister-Auto the reflex site for professionals”

Decision Workshop: How did the site survive the crisis?
David Bocalini: The team allowed the service to continue and we even recorded a slight growth in 2021. We also took the opportunity to develop new projects. By implementing an internal reorganization and investing in thriving markets, we are poised to return to profitable growth.

Decision Workshop: Mister-Auto has historically been placed on the independent B2C spare parts market.
David Bocalini: There is indeed a real IAM culture in the market, but we also offer products from the Stellantis group. The site is primarily intended for individuals, but has more than 15,000 professional accounts and more than 3,000 registered fleet managers. But since 2016, we’ve also strengthened our BtoB offering, with next day deliveries and free returns. We also just launched a 30-day deferred payment for professionals, with the goal of becoming a secondary supplier/repairer. Mister-Auto sells more than 10 million parts and accessories per month.

Decision Workshop: Will there be other offers, especially in the area of ​​re-used parts, as evidenced by your recent partnership with B-Parts?
David Bocalini: Thanks to this collaboration with B-Parts, also part of Stellantis, we can indeed offer a range of used parts. This complementarity will be able to cover the group’s wear parts needs in France, Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe by this summer.

Decision Workshop: How is the catalog enriched?
David Bocalini: The catalog is a strong growth axis for Mister-Auto. The site was expanded by more than 400,000 references in 2022 with the aim of covering the fleet by offering different levels of assortment and price, in particular thanks to our own brand brand Bolk and BProAuto. The strengthening of the catalog also makes it possible to improve availability in the face of current supply problems. Finally, the expansion of complex ranges, such as injectors or the arrival of new families, such as tools, paint or bodywork, aim to make Mister-Auto the reflex site for professionals.

Decision Workshop: You also have a new tab on your “Universe – Urban Mobility” site. What does it consist of?
David Bocalini: The strategy is to provide a complete e-commerce experience, with all ranges and all parts. The universe page is a new urban mobility item, with special parts and accessories. Users can now buy a Citroën Ami (Opel Rocks-e in Germany) and/or e-bikes, as well as charging cables for electric vehicles, allowing us to diversify our range of mobility solutions. We also offer clothing and goodies from Citroën Racing and Peugeot Sport.

Decision Workshop: Does this diversification of your solutions go hand in hand with those of your services?
David Bocalini: Indeed, the marketplace is constantly trying to improve the customer experience, in particular by asking users about their satisfaction and developing the UX of the site. The idea is to create an increasingly personalized experience that will drive the market to offer predictive marketing. This allows the site to offer the part that a particular customer needs at the right time. Mister-Auto has also launched an application that allows us to test new functions. For the time being, it is a success, because one in three sales is made via the app, with the aim of achieving one in two sales.

Decision Workshop: Are there any other new features?
David Bocalini: A new cat is being launched and by the end of the year we will also be offering a loyalty program.

Decision Workshop: What are your ambitions for 2022?
David Bocalini: First of all, the priority for the site is customer satisfaction. We also want to consolidate our role as an e-commerce solutions provider for Stellantis in Europe and develop our international strategy, in particular thanks to B-Parts and the expansion of professional accounts on a European scale.

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