A petition launched by Quimper’s art school collects more than 1,500 signatures

A major refurbishment project for this 350m2 space is due to start in September 2021, including an upgrade to fire standards, accessibility ramps for people with reduced mobility and several freight lifts to ease the work of school staff.

A project stopped before it even started

While the director’s founding project, including the organization of exhibitions and conferences open to an external public, was approved by HCERES (High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Superior), in the summer of 2021, the Council The board of the EESAB and the town hall of Quimper finally switched.

Workshop conducted by EESAB students in the room concerned © Radio France
European School of Art of Brittany – Site of Quimper

The municipality has decided to install its Maison de la Jeunesse project by 2024 in this building, located opposite the Théâtre de Cornouaille. It consists of three main halls: two exhibition halls, a solidarity café, a dining room and a kitchen, which have been used for the past six years by the school’s administrative staff and teachers.

Students and teachers excluded from the decision

Nov 2021, it is through the press that students and teachers learn the news† They then decide to form a collective, contact the town hall of Quimper, by email and by post, without ever getting an answer until last week.
Indeed, the students were invited to a NUPES conference on youth and culture and challenged Isabelle Assih, Mayor of Quimper.

The students are disillusioned. They lament the lack of attention of the agglomeration of Quimper towards them and point out the misunderstanding of their work. Emma, ​​​​first year master student at EESAB, sees this as a missed act by the town hall: “Why not use this project to open up contemporary art to the city? And better communication about contemporary art

Yes at the Maison de Jeunesse but not at our school

Rozenn, enters third year and for her it is the attractiveness of the school that takes a dent: “It made me want to come. We told ourselves that we could work on a large scale, on space, on large sculptures, on large format. Achieve potential achievements. It opened a lot of things and it was a real asset

Deprived of this space and without this work to restore it, the school cannot accommodate students in wheelchairs. And the technical teams have to lift the students’ works up the stairs, without the help of a lift.

For teachers and in particular Virginie Barré, professor of sculpture, “you must have a totally misunderstanding of what is happening in our school to think of such a project

The Exhibition Picnic on a Rope Bridge - Exhibition for Graduates 2020
The Exhibition Picnic on a Rope Bridge – Exhibition for Graduates 2020 © Radio France
Margot Montigny

City hall advocates energy sobriety

Contacted by France Bleu Breizh Izel, Forough-Léa Dadkhah, Councilor of Quimper, and Vice President in charge of Research, Innovation, Higher Education, Financial Engineering, advocates energy sobriety as the driving force behind this decision, but regrets that the students of the EESAB was not involved in the project. On the other hand, she confirms that the school was indeed part of the decision-making process and in particular of the board of directors.

When we talk about the ecological transition, in the sobriety of the use of space, this will have consequences at some point. And if we want to give young people space in the city center, we don’t have 36,000 choices“. In contrast, the agglomeration.”should have suggested the students of the EESAB to participate in the committee“when making a decision.

This Friday, June 17 at 2 p.m., the students and teachers of the school will meet the elected officials responsible for the file

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