Saint-Joseph College: Some Families Are Against the Uniform

The gradual introduction of the uniform at Saint Joseph’s College is a problem for some families. The students were suspended for non-compliance with the house rules.

“Twenty students were sent to study because they had no jeans and white sneakers”is outraged at the mother of a Saint-Joseph College student this Tuesday, May 31. “My child no longer has access to education, which is not normal. The house rules have changed during the year without anyone being informed. We are waiting for the approval of the rectorate. During this time, our children no longer have access to classes. Their schooling is disrupted”, she explains, emphasizing the lack of communication with the parents of this school. According to her, “The dismissal of the former director has a real impact on the education of the children”she also states that “families are thinking about switching schools”not to suffer “Unilateral decisions to the detriment of their children”

A 100% effective uniform for the start of the 2022 school year

Last February, during an administrative council and a general meeting, the St-Joseph College decided to introduce a dress code, as adopted by other private institutions in the department (Collège Sévigné de Narbonne).

After consultation with the parents of the student representatives, the head teacher Didier Siran indicates that he: “set up a committee of parents and staff representatives”† Next “Four meetings ended at the end of April to determine what type of dress would be fully mandatory at the start of the next school year”it was decided to adopt blue trousers (jeans, trousers, cropped pants) or a blue skirt, predominantly white sneakers, a polo shirt or a flocked t-shirt with the image of the college, and a two-tone American-style teddy bear . “Two tops have been offered to families. The resupply will be €5. For the teddy bear, it will be received via a group order shortly and will cost about €22”he says.

four families opposite of 186

According to Didier Siran, after a final communication through direct school about three weeks ago, “it was clearly indicated that the gradual application of the outfit would take place from May 23”† If the first week of the beginning of the Easter holidays took place in pedagogy, “the 20 students who did not wear the regulatory uniform were given a note in the notebook and the families were informed”† However, this Monday “4 students still didn’t wear it. Kind of a struggle from these families, who don’t accept this new rule”† Two of them, citing financial reasons, were offered funding “shoes and jeans, which they accepted. We’ll see about the other two”

“The school life of contractual private institutions does not depend on the rectorate”

With regard to the legality or not of this new regulation, the director specifies that private institutions under contract with the state “do not depend on him as far as the part of school life is concerned. The decisions depend only on the head of the establishment and not on the headmaster”

He also recalls that his departure in July next year, replaced by Mrs. Le Clorennec from the following school year, will not be synonymous with the abolition of the dress code: “Our goal is to continue this project over time.”† The decision to introduce a uniform has three main goals: “Reduce violence and harassment at school, often caused by clothing and mobile phones, accustom young people to the constraints they will have to follow later in their work, and reinforce a sense of belonging to the establishment.” The four students of the 186 others who have already adhered to the rule are allowed to go back to class this Wednesday, despite their outfit not meeting the internal rules. On the other hand, sanctions will be applied from next Monday, “even though that’s not really the goal” he concludes.

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