24 agile Business and Service Units close to the customer

Business lines, geographic entities, support functions, control functions, etc. 15 Business units and 9 Service units agile and close to the customer deliver daily performance.
They report directly to senior management and have gained more delegations regarding client decisions, loans, recruiting and other budgetary processes. Their managers, brought together in cross-functional steering committees, ensure the execution of the Group’s strategy.
Founded in 2019, this organization promotes theagility and proximity to customers ensuring that cooperation between companies is maintained and the independence of control functions is guaranteed.

Entities placed under the auspices of the General Management

Each Company Where Service unit is more specifically supervised by one of the members of the Board of Directors, in particular on strategic issues.

Business Unit


General Management Supervisor

Societe Generale Retail Banking in France

Marie-Christine Ducholet

Sebastien Proto

Private bank

Patrick Follea

Sebastien Proto

Credit North

Jean Louis Klein

Sebastien Proto


Benoit Grisonic

Philippe Aymerich

International banking networks, Africa,
Mediterranean and abroad

Laurent Goutard

Philippe Aymerich

International banking networks, Europe

Giovanni Luca Soma

Philippe Aymerich


Philippe Perret

Diony Lebot

ALD, fleet

Tim Albertsen

Diony Lebot

Equipment financing

Jochen Jehmlich

Diony Lebot

Customer relations and financing and advisory solutions

Pierre Palmieric

Slawomir Krupas

Market activities


Alexandre Fleury

Slawomir Krupas

securities firm

David Abitbol

Slawomir Krupas

Global transaction and payment services

Alexandre Maymat

Slawomir Krupas

America Region

Stephane Over

Slawomir Krupas

Asia-Pacific Region

Cecile Bartenieff

Slawomir Krupas

Service unit


General Management Supervisor

General Inspection & Audit

Pascal Auge

Frederic Oudea

general secretariat

Gilles Briatta

Frederic Oudea

Personnel & Communication

Caroline Guillaumin

Frederic Oudea


Sadia Ricke

Frederic Oudea


Gregoire Simon Barboux

Frederic Oudea


Claire Dumas

Frederic Oudea

Group Resources and Innovation

Christopher LeBlanc

Gaelle Olivier

Innovation, Technologies & IT
(French retail banking)

Bruno Delas

Sebastien Proto

Resources (Corporate Banking)
& Investor Solutions)

Christophe Lattuada

Slawomir Krupas

An action that revolves around three mechanisms

  • Group Strategy Committee

Composed of the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Chief Executive Officers and the heads of Business units and Service unitsthis committee ensures the strategic management of the activities.

  • Strategic Steering Committee of Business units (BU) and Service units (U.S)

Composed of the general management, the head of Business Unit or the Service unit involved, the Strategy Manager and the Managers of certain Business units and Service units, this committee meets at least annually for each of the BUs and SUs. The committee devotes its meetings to the strategic management of the relevant BU or SU.

  • Cross-functional supervision of groups

The General Management coordinates the client committees (Major Risks Committee, France Major Business Committee, European Major Business Committee, Medium Business Committee) and the ten steering committees for the Group’s activity.

Focus on Responsible Commitments Committee

Since 2019, Société Générale has a Committee for Group Responsible Commitments. This committee, placed under the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer or the Deputy Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for oversight and compliance with the risks, investigates and arbitrates complex cases involving reputational risk or non-compliance with the Group’s standards on the areas of CSR, ethics or reputation . Composed of the heads of the Compliance department, the Risk department, the Communications department, the CSR department and the managers of the relevant Business and Service Units, it is also responsible for entering into new commitments or developing the normative framework of the Group.

Documents to download

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  • 09.03.2022

    2022 universal registration document

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    List of Business Units and Service Units