Lauragais: A parent beats a school counselor on the basis of alleged sexual assault

On Monday morning, June 13, 2022, the gendarmes went to the Nailloux school to end an altercation between a parent and a chaperone. The first accuses the second of assaulting his daughter. (© – illustration photo)

Parents, teachers and preschoolers in Nailloux have been shocked by the affair since the beginning of the week. Monday, June 13, 2022, at 8 a.m., a father went to the school building to battle a animator of the recreation center attached to the school (Alaé)

According to corroborative information gathered from various sources, the parent then accused the employee of… his daughter sexually abused four years old and he “deal a powerful blow”† The gendarmerie is quickly sent to the school of Nailloux to put an end to the disagreement and begins the author of the battle on foot for the put in custody

heavy loads

The arrested parent will then explain the reasons for his action and give his version of the facts to the police. His daughter would have entrusted him, as well as his wife, on Friday 10 June touched by the attendant.

The parents would then have tried in vain to contact the school management during the weekend. On Monday, the father decides to settle his own accounts and file a complaint for assault of a minor is submitted by the family.

New intervention of the gendarmes Monday evening

In the evening of Monday 13 June, the case will take a new turn. While the father is still in custody, other members of the little girl’s family try againcontact the supervisor go to his house

made aware of this crowd in front of the house, the gendarmes re-enter the scene to prevent another altercation. The situation eventually calms down.

Ongoing research

On Wednesday morning, June 15, the father of the family was finally introduced to the public prosecutor’s office in Toulouse because of the… physical violence exercised against the moderator intervention in the school of Nailloux. he gets a simple reminder of the law emphasizing that you are not doing yourself justice† Moreover, it is placed under judicial supervision

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An investigation is also being opened in the context of the report of sexual assault against a minor. Responsibility for the investigations has been entrusted to the Villefranche-de-Lauragais Investigation Brigade, with the support of the community of brigades of Villefranche-de-Lauragais-Nailloux. “The detectives have been serious about interrogations that have already taken place since the beginning of the week. They are investigating pros and cons, as always with cases of this sensitivity,” said a source close to the investigation.

Tense situation at school

At the Pauline-Kergomard kindergarten in Nailloux, situation remains tense since Monday morning. Entry and exit of classes therefore take place under the secret guard of law enforcement to avoid further slippages in connection with this case.

The host – who remains innocent – ​​is suspended as a precaution by the municipality of Terres du Lauragais that employs him. It is in fact this community that is responsible for the operation of the leisure reception associated with the school† A service that has also been discontinued since the event, several animators who have made use of their right of withdrawal after being shocked by the attack on their colleague.

Crisis unit and meeting scheduled for Thursday

All parents have also been informed as of Monday 13 June of the establishment of a crisis unit consisting of school psychologists within the establishment. In this communication, the school management ensures that the teaching team is mobilized to ensure: “ensuring the physical, mental and emotional safety of students”

Next Thursday June 16th a meeting must welcome representatives of the parents of students, the school, the town hall, the intermunicipal association and the academic inspectorate on the latter’s initiative. At the end of this meeting, an official announcement on this matter should be made to the families of the school.

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