Class40 World Cup: Inter Invest led by Matthieu Perraut, winner of the (…)

The dice are rolled for this first showdown of this World Championship of Class40
2022. The track was an ocean blue with a 144 mile course that took the fleet to the north of the area, La Vende, to return to La Rochelle via the Rochebonne plateau. A course called 24 hours
24 hours
24-hour distance record
which will eventually be swallowed by the leaders in seventeen hours at sea. Class40
showed this incredible potential to rack up miles, despite the fact that the weather conditions were light and variable.

In the end, everything worked out… even though the difficulties were varied. In fact, the first hurdle was leaving the Pertuis d’Antioche and along the Ile de R via the south face. Simple on paper, except a huge windless zone blocked the direct route, causing some Class40
slide to the tip of Chassiron in the north of the island of Olron and cross the water. Once out of this tricky Charentais Pertuis, it was necessary to sail upwind towards the Petite Barge at Les Sables d’Olonne. There too you had to be at the right pace to not get unhooked and to keep in touch with the more powerful boats. The mark will be rolled for the first time around 11pm, knowing that the priority then was to slide downwind to reach the Rochebonne plateau. Glide, slide and slide some more… Clear and radiant night, mild temperatures, warm filling, the perfect cocktail to swallow miles on a single tack without straying too far from the direct route to minimize the miles covered. Quickly, and from the first mark in Vendenne, several monohulls stood out with Inter Invest from Matthieu Perraut in the lead, Crosscall from Aurlien Ducroz on his mirror and Redman from Antoine Carpentier who crossed the mark in 5e square. It sways hard and this rhythm will hold until the finish. So much so that Crosscall and Redman will still be fighting less than a mile from the rescue line. Inter Invest won remarkably on this first course, passing all points in the lead and finishing 32 minutes ahead of his two pursuers, Redman ahead of Crosscall by… 5 minutes. A beautiful stage for this first round!


Matthieu Perraut about Inter Invest (175): “It was already a great day! We started well and this first game against the wind in La Rochelle Bay was a real game of chess. There were many boats going through the fleet, with currents and quite a bit of wind shear and not much information about our instruments. Overall, we managed to follow what we wanted to do. Passed the Ile de R there were quite a few of us to do a long tack but we had a good ? speed
† Moreover, we are crossing the line in the lead. Then, on the descent to the Rochebonne plateau, we shifted to everyone’s left and slipped a little further. It paid off, I think, as suddenly we passed the second mark on the lead, despite Crosscall overtaking us twice on the course! It was touch and touch, but towards the end you get to pull away and then I think they struggle with Redman. But it’s a great experience, because on this type of boat where you sail more solo or double-handed, it’s interesting to sail with several people and have different visions. Manning a new boat like ours is great. That’s what we really came for, to confront others. In the end we are more than happy to finish in front of some boats. Now we have to move on and I’d rather be in this place than behind it. Anyway, we enjoyed it! †

Antoine Carpentier on Redman (161): “It went quite well despite the fact that we don’t have a very favorable boat in this light wind. But we have been able to stay in the right package and, above all, keep in touch with the head of the fleet from the start. we are 5e the mark to the north and we pass two of them on the main body downwind. The wind was 17/18 knots and it was ideal for us… We came back not far from Inter Invest and Crosscall and there weren’t too many big holes. On arrival things calmed down a bit up front and we made the right choice of sail for Crosscall, allowing us to glide forward. But it was just fun! Sailing is always fun, especially if you also sail with nice people! †

Erwan Lamoureux on CER Offshore – Banque du Lman (174): “It was a lot of fun… We did what we could with the conditions they had there. We are quite happy with the first part of the race where we were in the leading group. Then, in the leeward leg, we managed to slide as we pleased. It was this morning that things got more complicated… We didn’t quite understand what was happening with the wind and I think we were a little tired too. It is true that we are not very experienced offshore and the aim is to learn all that too. That’s what we’re there for, to gain experience. Now it’s a different program, more inshore. And that suits us well and we are more used to this kind of racing. We’ll try to pull our pin out of the Game
† †

Herv Thomas on Bleu Blanc (149): “It was already an excellent moment on the water and an exceptional moment in terms of conditions. The departure went quite well. Then we knit well along the coasts of Ile de R, which we are doing quite well. Then night fell with the wind and we had the great rotation we expected. Arriving in Les Sables d’Olonne, we took a locker with us, so we made a good pit stop… but luckily there was no damage under the boat. Then the descent with the wind was tedious and we clearly realized we didn’t have the speed
compared to others. L, we’ve suffered a lot… Now we’re going to do our best and get back on track in the coming days! †

Classification Offshore Race Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th June – 144 miles:

  • 1. INTER INVEST (175) – Matthieu PERRAUT
  • 2. REDMAN (161) – Antoine CARPENTIER
  • 3. CROSSCALL (166) – Aurlien DUCROZ
  • 9. FEEL CLASS40
    EXTREM (140) – Marc LEPESQUEUX
  • 11. PARIES-SCREB CHOCOLATES (123) – Jean-Baptiste DARAMY
  • 12. RANDSTAD-AUSY (155) – Clara FORTIN & Martin LOUCHARD
  • 13. BLIND (115) – Remi RABBE
  • 14. YODA (65) – Franz BOUVET
  • 16. BLUE WHITE (149) – THOMAS Herv

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