chartres. What is this new school using the metaverse that opens at the beginning of the school year?

A first school using the Metaverse appears in Chartres (©Pixabay / Artwork)

A training that “puts professional immersion and personal development at the heart of the second-grade education curriculum,” is what MetaEd School and WeSprint are promising, who are announcing Monday, June 13, 2022, to open their first entrepreneurial baccalaureate degree at Chartres (Eure-et-Loir)

A “new generation” school

This is a general high school 2.0, with flexible hours and professional immersions. This school is recognized by the state and operates differently from a classic high school : the days are divided into two phases. The first, more than half a day, devoted to lectures like conventional schools. The second is dedicated to theprofessional immersion and the double course (sports, cultural and entrepreneurial).

With a training of 30 hours per week, students can obtain their baccalaureate degree. High school students also have the opportunity to prepare a double diploma French American Internationally recognized.

These hours are divided over face-to-face City of innovation in Chartres and telecommuting courses. The lectures take place remotely in the metaverse (a world in virtual reality). This reality is intended toa sense of real presencewhile the students are actually several kilometers apart.

How do students access this parallel reality?

Usually you need a virtual reality headset, often very expensive. No mandatory helmet here within the MetaKwark, first French educational metaverse : You can access it directly from the computer. True, the immersion is less there, but this avoids the purchase of a helmet for several hundred euros.

The metaverse projects into a campus globally designed by the architect Manal Rachidi, adapting to all types of educational formats, from the amphitheater to multi-classrooms. The whole campus goes in Sep 2022.

In this world, students have their own avatar and can go from a classroom to an amphitheater, but also communicate with their classmates or teachers, as if they eye in eye† Both sitting in your room and being present in class is how Kwark defines his project, as we can see in the teaser below:

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For whom ?

As for the students’ ability to concentrate in this kind of digital environment, the project pilots are still waiting for experiments with this format, even if the system should be designed for students who are likely to drop out or have difficulties…

Its inventor, Alban Miconnet, makes organizing conferences, open houses or taking distance courses with avatars resembling two drops of water to real people should be possible from the start of the school year next September.

What’s different is the installation in an architecture designed for this metaverse. Virtual learning spaces that encourage relaxation, concentration and true immersion. It also allows you to randomly meet alumni, other students, professors because they are also there at the time. The exchange goes beyond what can be said strictly during the lessons, in more informal situations.

Alban MiconnetCottage cheese CEO

Starting nation?

The other goal is to develop an entrepreneurial project to, why not, start your own business at the end of the course.

We wanted to offer training that responds to changes in the labor market by giving it a very strong entrepreneurial dimension.

MetaEd and WeSprint

MetaEd then said “to raise the issue of the French model”, which the Court said would deteriorate despite the €110 billion in investments made in 2020.

Based on the “UN Sustainable Development Goals”, the course aims to “make students aware of the concepts of engagement and sustainability”.

What about the price?

All this is not free. Two rates are offered to potential future students. The first, entirely in French, is located on 549 euros per month, from the second to the terminal. Three hours of individualized weekly support is included in the formula. So the year could easily be the 5000 euros

The second includes the aforementioned French-American double degree and costs 799 euros per month. MetaEd specifies that the degree is recognized in all US universities, to facilitate a post-baccalaureate course across the Atlantic.

Hours of support are offered for both options at 21 euros per hour.

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