Renovations, green courtyards… What will the schools of Lille-Fives look like in the near future?

The former Georges Sand school in Lille, closed since 2018, will reopen in September 2024, completely renovated. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

by 2028, all schools of Lille-Fives will have to deal with a major construction site, which will renew the buildings, the way of access and also the learning methods. The budget for these transformations will be: 50 million euros† On the program: new school canteen, works, energetic renovation, vegetated courses, and even a school park † An additional 18 classes will be created compared to 2022. We explain what the school landscape of tomorrow in this rapidly changing area of ​​Lille.

Unique in the metropolitan area of ​​Lille

50 million euros in 6 years, in one mandate, that is the challenge of the city of Lille with regard to the schools in the Fives district. Sébastien Duhem, Deputy Mayor of the Fives City Council, explains: “We are proud of this project, a restructuring plan for schools. It will be unique in the metropolis of Lille, and even beyond! We want children’s schools, not mega complexes. This also makes it possible to develop soft mobility access to schools”.

Charlotte Brun, Deputy Mayor and Representative for the Educational and Child-Friendly City, and Sébastien Duhem, Deputy Mayor of the Fives Neighborhood Council, presented the future projects of the Fives schools.
Charlotte Brun, Deputy Mayor and Representative for the Educational and Child-Friendly City, and Sébastien Duhem, Deputy Mayor of the Fives Neighborhood Council, presented the future projects of the Fives schools. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

Charlotte Brun, Deputy Mayor and Representative for the Educational City and at the Peak of Children, emphasizes: “We are working on the city with the residents, with the children and the parents. This project was built with the families, collective consultation is required, it took 5 years at Fives”.

The entire City of Lille is committed to making school playgrounds greener, and this will also be the case in Fives. But the school restructuring project for this neighborhood of 23,000 inhabitants is very extensive.

The Georges Sand school in Fives is reborn.
The Georges Sand school in Fives is reborn. (©AS Hourdeaux/Northern Cross)

at Fives

A so-called “modular” school will be built on the site of the former bathhouses, near the Lakanal School. This will be the first phase: “This school of 850 m2, while having all the comforts of school, will be temporary. In January 2023, it will first welcome the students of the Brasseurschool while their site is being worked on, then it will be the turn of Broca’s schoolchildren,” explains Charlotte Brun.

In front of Antoine Brasseur School, under construction from January 2023 to September 2024, the students will study at the modular school. They will find a renovated and enlarged Brasseur school there, “as adjacent official residences are now integrated into the school space. Moreover, this school did not have a school canteen. A new one is being built! explains Charlotte Brun.

This new school canteen will also welcome students from the Georges Sandschool. “They only have a few meters to walk on the same sidewalk as the George Sand entrance, which will be moved to facilitate transport,” says Sébastien Duhem.

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as for me’george sand school, which has been closed since 2018, buildings have deteriorated a lot. “It is being fully rehabilitated and will reopen in September 2024,” the assistant explains. The entrance, which was located in rue Malsence, will be moved to the Orion square side. In particular, there will be a greenhouse.

On the side of thebroca school : in September 2024 the pupils will move temporarily to the modular school, until September 2025. The former site of the Broca school, completely renovated, will become the new nursery center of Fives. The new Broca school will be built a few meters from the old site and will be expanded to accommodate 4 new classrooms.

The center for young childrencurrently in prefab, will move to the renovated Broca school premises in September 2025.

The Lakanal School will be Lille’s future “park school”! “The special thing is that this park, integrated into the school, will be open to the residents of the neighborhood on weekends and public holidays,” say the elected officials.

This new park of approximately one hectare will be built on the site of the current swimming pool, which will be demolished in 2027. But there will always be a pool at Fives! “There is a new swimming pool on the Fives Cail site, we are waiting for it to be ready before closing the current pool,” explains Sébastien Duhem.

AboutDescartes-Montesquieu School and the Berthelor-Lacore School Group : the prefabricated buildings are destroyed, the courses are planted, the school canteens are renovated.

in Hellemmes

It concerns the territory of Fives, and includes a small piece of Hellemmes, an adjacent associated town and even a living quarters for families.

For the Berthelot-Sévigné school group, prefabs are removed for new buildings, with 2 extra classes. work is scheduled to run from summer 2025 to early 2028 school year.

Finally, for thejenner school The district will receive new buildings. Access to the school will be redesigned to facilitate travel for families.

We can’t wait to see the evolution of these schools of the future!

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