Near Chartres, this theater school is desperately waiting for its location

If you missed Invisible, you still have July 2 and 3 with Luisant. (© RestonScene!)

At the gates of the Eurelian capital, shiny (Eure-et-Loir) has welcomed a new association, RestonScène, since last year! support of a theatre school worn by Gaëlle Chalude.

A school and troupe that got the chance to play a first creation, Invisiblewhich the spectators have been able to appreciate in recent weeks, but it is still waiting for its pocket theater which would also see the light of day last year and which also remains… invisible. Much to his dismay, because it is the condition of his development.

Learn to behave on stage

RestonScene! (with the exclamation mark in it, as a welcome in this disturbed world), it is primarily an association chaired by Benoît Broust. Association that appeals Gaelle Chalude as a service provider for an amateur drama school.

It is an amateur drama school, but we decided to learn all the theater techniques. The idea is not to give a lyric on stage, but to really teach the actors how to behave.

Gaelle ChaludeDirector of theater school RestonScène!

Behave, i.e. raise your voice already, look at the audience, salute, everything theatrical skills and really play the actor’s directing game.

Theater in his DNA

Gaëlle is a service provider for education in the theater practice.

She learned the performing arts in her second language from her childhood in the family company in Pleasure (Yvelines), The Theater of Epicurus. It must be said that in his genes we find a bit of his opera singer grandfather, a bit of his mime uncle from the Marceau school and of course his acting parents.

As an adult she creates The Papelou Theater long established in the Yvelines and whose company is now located in Auneau-Bleury-Saint-Symphorien.

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A theater partner in Luisant

The municipality of Luisant was looking for a theater partner to be able to make an offer in the municipality. RestonScene! was this offer to the public.

The baby was carried in a particularly complicated context with the Covid-19 pandemic and people who struggle to join “we feel this suffering of society, people really really, but despite that we had memberships and spectators with a real need to return to the rooms” recalls Gaëlle Chalude.

RestonScene! currently has thirty-two members with workshops ranging from children to pre-teens, teens, adults and a company of six members.

The first performance was a great and very encouraging success in Luisant, Courville-sur-Eure, Mainvilliers, Auneau… and soon in Luisant on 2 and 3 July.

In this work the actors are definitely amateurs, however their acting is by the rules of the art with a complex exercise where the heroine plays on her side while the other actors play theirs by ignoring her.

The performing arts as a whole

Actors who, according to some, have really revealed themselves on the stage!
Actors who, according to some, have really revealed themselves on the stage! (© RestonScene!)

Gaëlle sticks to the path that her theater school is taking. Here we teach all the performing arts and year after year we evolve, we move forward.

We want to offer the public beyond the boulevard theater, vaudeville… an offer that is already well taken. Spectators don’t necessarily go to the theater to laugh, the registers are endless.

Gaelle Chalude

like his Invisible which can be classified in the category of thriller, a psychological drama imbued with a certain violence.

And this approach is really what these amateur actors are looking for, many of whom fully discover themselves in this practice, reveal themselves too!

Gaëlle admits to being very pleasantly surprised by the talents she managed to dig up in this way, real revelations. “You have to accept being pushed, but we have real gold nuggets” smiles Gaëlle, quoting in particular this young teacher “who explodes”!

An invisible room for the time being

Gaëlle had presented this project to the Luisant municipality, which was immediately seduced “which indicates that we were going to create a special room because the André-Malraux room is far too large and unsuitable for this theatrical form”.

Gaëlle made a plan with a stage, a podium, bleachers, a small pocket-style theater that found its place in a wing of the Roblot gymnasium with a central parking lot and right next to the improv league.

But the Covid pandemic has been here, meaning the project is still in the works.

We are still open without this adapted place because the project includes not only the theater part but also the opera singing with the soprano Delphine Guliashvili, the two are complementary.

Gaelle Chalude

Complementary and above all with the same concern for high standards and excellence, serving as many people as possible.

Gaëlle cherishes the hope to create an opera – lyrical art – musical comedy section but of course an ad hoc place is essential.

Waiting for RestonScene! could perform for the Telethon in December and for next year Gaëlle is already working on a new creation “but we really miss this studio theater… it’s a bit like playing tennis in a parking lot! †

Such a place would also be a real added value for the municipality, the epicenter of creations that radiates beyond Luisant. Especially since there is a real need for such structures for amateurs looking for quality services.

This also applies to all ages, because for the youngest, for example, the director makes it a point not to let children play in adult plays, “they play children’s roles, no singing is necessary! »

█ Practical: If you missed Invisible, you can still discover this piece on July 2 and 3, 2022 at 8:45 pm in Luisant salle Malraux. For all information: 06 82 91 68 40.

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