Business Game: the winning project is the one celebrating the Renaissance of the Noailles district

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Winners and partners of the Business Game Edition 2022 ©CVB

The 60 students of ESPI’s Professional Masters in Real Estate Planning and Promotion (Mapi) presented their project to a jury of professionals in the Artplexe Canebière on Thursday 9 June. After lively and well-argued exchanges, the jury designated team No. 4 under the name Phoenix Society for his project Renaissance, it should be noted in this regard that the teams are formed by drawing lots. Composed by Mathilde Cimas, Émeline Livolsi, Kenza Lagarrigue, Fanny Dunas, Kevin Mendes, Grégory Daude, Jean-Baptiste Hippolyte and Baptiste Machado, coached by Kevin Desprez, Bruno Lains, Vincent Califano and Maud Cantener, the Phoenix company won this edition with a project that the jury described as ” ambitious, innovative and daring

“Renovating without exclusion”

Through its president, Mathilde Chaboche, assistant urban planner in Marseille, the jury also recalled the challenges of this country whose immediate proximity to rue d’Aubagne obliges all stakeholders to ” renovate without excluding and point out that ” the inventiveness of this project, a kind of paradise, made it possible to go from mourning to hope Finally, the jury noted the very good consideration of the mix of use and social aspects in the project, the diversity of urban functions it offers with a relevant use of density.

“A development of the Domaine Ventre”

Thus, the Renaissance project envisages the development of the Domaine Ventre in 4 macro plots, in a peaceful and green urban complex, around: La Grainerie (shops at the foot of the building, fab-lab type workshops, school), La Grainerie Porterie (recycling center, bicycle association in the city, ecological nursery, housing and social housing, communal vegetable garden on the roof), La Cité de la vie (High-rise building (IGH) of 63 meters which will house a butterfly dome – a theme park open to the public – , a research center, co-living accommodation and a furnished roof) and La Tour Mistral (148 m high building housing the Mazenod Theatre, a shopping centre, a senior housing, a mixed range of home ownership and social housing). Complete in its offering, daring in its handling of height, agile in its mix of uses and functions, Renaissance was able to seduce the jury who said to itself ” started this beautiful city adventure

“The winners are those who were the most daring”

Jérôme Dentz, co-president of the Club Immobilier Marseille Provence wishes to emphasize: “ On the one hand the satisfaction of coming back face-to-face and on the other hand not only having had quality projects this year but also projects that are part of the search for meaning, respect for the past, benevolence. A kindness that we also found during the presentation of the projects, where each team supported, encouraged the others He comes to the site proposed this year for the business game. The students, divided into 8 teams, took part in this 4-month challenge, an integral part of their studies. They had to work on the city different by proposing the renovation of a block in the center of Marseille, the Domaine Ventre. † It was a gamble because we usually provide enough free ground to offer many solutions, while there the urban restrictions of use were numerous in a neighborhood that experienced a tragedy, that of the rue d’In prison “. For him : ” The winners are the ones with the most daring

“The solution lies in verticality”

A winner explains: It is important to combat urban sprawl, for this the only solution lies in verticality, which also frees up space for a green space and a memorial in memory of the victims of the rue d’Aubagne “. A project with two towers, one of which is octagonal, 148 meters tall, equipped with a Persian architectural element that allows, using the wind, to cool the property without consuming energy.

Nadège Le Vannier, director of the Espi Marseille campus, explains: ” The Business Game, organized in collaboration with the Club Immobilier Marseille Provence and GRDF, allows our 5th year Mapi specialization students to present their project to the professional world. With this educational project they can create, conceive and design the city of tomorrow. All their talents are put on stage to bring their project, which has been worked on for months, to life. This ultimate scenario concludes their college years and opens the way to a professional world that listens to them.

“Bringing out new talents in real estate”

The winners will leave with a check to share for €3,000 presented by the partner of this operation, GRDF. Olivier Clarac, deputy commercial director of GRDF Southeast, says: “ Involved with Espi as a professor of sustainable development, I want to make new generations aware of energy and environmental issues so that they can develop critical opinion and build their vision. The Business Game is an extraordinary opportunity for them to express their creativity, to push the boundaries while meeting ambitious specifications. Every year I am amazed by their renditions

Jérôme Dentz concludes: “ With the Business Game, the Club Immobilier Marseille Provence contributes to the construction of training courses adapted to the challenges of real estate players, one of the keys to the success of the construction of the city of tomorrow. For 12 editions, we have been committed to connecting young generations of professionals with those who will be their future employers tomorrow, in an atmosphere of healthy and cheerful competition! We are proud to pass on our knowledge and expertise and are happy to bring out new real estate talent.

Michel CAIRE

business game

The Club guides the younger generations, future real estate professionals, to integrate into the world of work. The Business game was born in 2010, at the time at Kedge-Euromed Management and since 2014 at Espi. This is a life-size competition game designed for Master’s students

professional in real estate development and promotion, of which he is a part of Espi training.

• The principle of the game

This is a business game, set up by the Club Immobilier Marseille Provence, in collaboration with Espi and GRDF, which is a practical case, of a site proposed by the organizing committee. It is carried out by multidisciplinary teams and supervised by coaches from the Club Immobilier Marseille Provence. The game allows you to build a complex real estate project. On the same plot, with common specifications, the teams of students drawn by lot from the class of the year, come up with projects, sometimes crazy, often

breathtaking, always consistent. After 4 months of hard work, followed by a team of coaches, the best team is rewarded by a professional jury.

Since its inception, the students have worked on:

† 2014 > Estaque

† 2015 > Borély Park

† 2016 > the Frioul Islands

† 2017 > Vitrolles Stadium

† 2018 > the Arenc . basin

† 2019 > Monte Rosa

† 2020 > Parc Chanot

† 2021 > the Perasso career

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