A pleasure to be on stage for the young actors of the intercommunal theater school in Cosne-sur-Loire

“Like clockwork. The students of the intermunicipal drama school went back on stage on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June, on the occasion of the 31st Young Theater Week, as if the past two years had not existed and presented twelve beautiful performances.

Patricia Michel, one of the teachers, noted that the budding actors were “happy to be back on stage in the village hall. A little boy, who had already played here, exclaimed: “It’s nice when we come back to rehearse”. †

premium The Young Theater Week opens on Wednesday 8 June in Cosne-sur-Loire with the guest host of Récré A2, Marie Dauphin

A well-being felt by Jacques Berthomeau, the director of the theater school. “It was a pleasure for our students to be in front of the audience, for the parents to watch them play and for us to allow their reunion. It is a pleasure to be together. †

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The team of teachers mainly wants to offer quality lessons, between tradition and modernity. “Tradition, because we ring the three bells”, explains Jacques Berthoneau. “And modernity, because we play pieces by contemporary authors. †

The students received their prize on Friday 10 June during a special evening, but the Young Theater Week continues with a return show, Tuesday 14 June at 6 pm in the Grenier and open workshops on the theme of the cartoonist, Wednesday 15 June , at 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.


Jury favourites. Wednesday 8 June: File and Hunting who can! (groups 1a and 1b). Thursday 9 June: Funny Orders (group 3a) and Recreation (group 2).

Comic series. Wednesday 8 June: Before the Announcement (group 4a). Thursday 9 June: Charming room for rent (group 5).

Collective interpretation prize. Wednesday 8 June: The annoying rising beast (group 3b). Thursday 9 June: She runs, the rumor (group 4b).

Individual performance award. Wednesday 8 June: right: Fanny Duluc and Dylan Toupense, for Sunday. Thursday 9 June: Carine Crochet, room for rent in front of Coquette.

Special jury prizes. Wednesday, June 8: Félix Roger in Pour l’Annonce and Angèle Roland, in Un mot pour un autre. Thursday, June 9: Alice Marovelli for She walks, the rumor, Thomas Parickmiller and Noémie Lamoureux, for They love each other.

Good price. Serafine Leleu.

Mathilde Thomas

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