Press release from the President of 09 June – BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTÉ LEAGUE

Press release from the chairman of 09 June

Press release of 9 June 2022

We have come to the end of the season. It’s a huge relief and a great joy to finally be able to experience a full season after two seasons ruined by the pandemic.

The championships ended last weekend, and we will live the epilogue of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Cups this Saturday in Montceau, and next Tuesday for Futsal in Besançon. There remain the play-off matches for entry into D2 for our two women’s teams of St-Vit and Stade Auxerre, whom we wish the best of luck, even if it will be difficult for St-Vit to move up by 4 goals. It remains up to us to finalize the classifications to validate the entries and the relegations, and of course to hand out the awards related to the Championships, the Regional Cups and the Challenge of the Sportsmanship MDS. These discounts take place during the Evening of the Stars Friday 1er next July from 6.30 pm at the Gaston Gérard stadium in Dijon. This will be the first Star Party since 2019!

Our two qualified teams for the national stage of the Festival Foot U13 Pitchwhich took place in Capbreton last weekend performed well, with a fine 5e place for the boys of the ASPTT Dijon (including a 1time place for the quiz), and a 7e place for the girls of FC Sochaux Montbéliard. In terms of videos, the FCSM wins the 1time place and the ASPTT Dijon the 2e† Finally, for the supporters challenge, Sochaux finished 3e† Sincere congratulations to these two clubs for these results.

You will also see on our site and our newsletter n°226 the very good results of our federal referees following the publication of the ranking by the FFF. Congratulations to all with a special satisfaction to Antoine VALNET and Quentin GUIDOU who will be officiating in Ligue 2 next season, as well as to Ombeline LECOEUCHE and Maxim PLAT who arrive in the senior federal staff.

The season is coming to an end and so a new season begins. With of course the new licensing campaign for all footballers, players, leaders, educators and referees. You saw it on the site and through emails to clubs, this campaign started yesterday, Wednesday 8th June. The FFF will host a webinar for clubs next Thursday at 6:00 PM to present the new features.

At the level of our League, this campaign will take on a new form. First of all, the license application will be made in dematerialized form for the players, managers and volunteers, be it a renewal or a new license. No more printing and time wasted for club secretaries when collecting documents, scanning, less back and forth with licensees. The licensee’s details are automatically filled in.

For educators, we also recommend that you use the dematerialized application. Finally, regarding umpires and club substitution licenses, the license request remains traditional.

Another novelty, due to the transfer of all our services to Dijon, ie the closure at the end of June of our two sites in Montbéliard and Montchanin, and the structural reorganization that will take place during this low season, we did not want to take any risk and ensure a maximum satisfactory service for the clubs. The League of Normandy, to which I am very grateful, has agreed to help us, which is why we have entrusted it with the management of the registration and validation of some of the licenses: all renewals and new licenses for players, managers, volunteers and educators. We only manage referee licenses and club substitution licenses directly.

A special device for this licensing campaign, but which will avoid us any risk during this transition period.

I would like to end with congratulations for two trophies won in the context of the school football by branches of our League.

First of all the Joseph Fourier secondary school in Auxerre that’s for 3e time (in 3 entries) national winner of the Quinzaine du Foot in the secondary school category. Congratulations on this success and for the completed project. This was based on recycling sports waste to give it new life and a chance on the pitch, in collaboration with two primary schools.

Another nice reward for Abergement Ste-Colombe school who won the operation “Foot à l’Ecole” at the national level with a game called “L’ECOLO’Foot”. Congratulations there too, and congratulations on this beautiful sporting and cultural project.

As a reward, from June 26 to 27, a delegation of the sports departments (boys, girls and referees) of the Fourier high school and the CM1 CM2 class of the Abergement Ste-Colombe school will be welcomed at the National Football Center in Clairefontaine and will have the privilege to share “24 hours with the Blues”. A great reward and an exceptional result for our territory of which we can be very proud.

Finally, don’t forget the big day of diversified practices that we are organizing on Saturday 25 June in Meursault with the Master Golf Soccer and Open Futnet which will conclude this 2021-2022 season.

long live football
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