No more endless creation of the Bored Apes according to Yuga Labs

NFTs are digital assets with great potential that have appealed to many investors since their inception. Of the many collections launched on the market, a few stand out and above all hold their own bored monkey† To stay number one, you have to create the lack and Yuga Labs understood this.

There will no longer be an infinite number . to be bored monkey (BAYC)

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is an NFT collection that sparks curiosity. Talking about the collection has not stopped since its inception. Bored Ape, also known as the NFT Billionaires Collection, is one of the best. What makes his fame? Each investor can only answer based on his experience.

Meanwhile, more and more people are picking them up, despite the rather high price. But it’s only normal when you see the circle of stars that revolves around the collection. Between Paris Hilton, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, the Bored Apes are well on their way to conquer the NFT markets.

But as the collection progressed relatively well, many people talked about the possibility of minting an infinite number of tokens. The phenomenon kicks off in June 2021 with the release of NonFungibles CEO Dan Kelly. Before him, Yuga Labs could mint as much Bored Apes as he wanted thanks to the Ethereum blockchain code.

However, a year later, the company behind the NFT collection removed this code. According to her, this decision is the best, both for the collection and for the holders of the non-replaceable tokens. However, not everyone is convinced.

Everyone would love to own one of the tokens from the current flagship collection: Bored Ape Yacht Club. While the price of these NFTs is well above the average of some investors, hacking is becoming the easiest way to get them. Like all digital assets, Bored Ape is not immune to the threat of hackers.

What is the purpose of this withdrawal?

The collection has already been the victim of piracy. More than once, people with bad intentions have stormed the collection’s official Discord server. In such cases, Bored Ape holders are at the heart of the problem. Indeed, more than $357,000 has been stolen from users in ETH.

However, this is just one of many others. Last May, a filmmaker was robbed of part of his crypto wallet. Among the stolen assets was a Bored Ape valued at approximately $100,000. This phishing attack has raised the alarm again.

After all these inconveniences, the withdrawal of this code could finally calm the holders of the NFT collection tokens. For Emperor TomatoKetchup and Gargamel, the collection’s founders, removing this code reduces potential hacking risks. Moreover, such a decision also prevents a proliferation of new monkeys on the market. Although they provided a link to the transaction where the code was hacked, some developers believe it still exists and has never been removed.

NFTs are speculative and subjective assets. However, they continue to grow. Bored Ape, although supported by many personalities, is not free from all its flaws. Since the NFT collection has faced many hacks, Yuga Labs believes that revoking the code that enabled infinite token mining is the best course of action. While this decision relieves some investors, other developers remain skeptical.

Source: Coinmarketcal

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