Exclusible, an NFT platform for luxury real estate

The link between the luxury sector and NFTs may seem difficult to grasp at first glance, but on closer inspection their link seems clear. Indeed, thanks to the unique features of blockchain, NFTs can be a real way to authenticate coins and their market value, taking into account artistic creation and certification through smart contracts.

In a way, we can say that NFTs are the perfect tool to create authentic digital luxury goods. Established brands in the luxury sector have understood that NFTs, the metaverse and new digital platforms represent indispensable business opportunities. Taking these elements into account, Exclusible has chosen to focus on the luxury NFT sector with very soon a drop of NFT representing penthouses on the Spatial platform.

Presentation of Exclusive

Exclusible is a specialized marketplace for high-end NFTs, covering very diverse areas of the luxury sector: fashion, beauty, watches, jewelry and supercars. Exclusible aims to be more than an NFT platform for luxury brands, providing an engaging experience and memorable service to digital asset collectors.

At the simplest level, once a collector has purchased an NFT, it can be showcased in a personal gallery shared on social media platforms or sold on a secondary market. Exclusible’s approach is to look at the makeup of the metaverse and strategize how to leverage it to create layers of engagement for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Exclusible’s long-term vision is to develop and integrate the platform and NFTs into a metaverse vision that enables full, immersive and virtualized engagement, moving NFT from a collectible art state to a use state.

Whether through NFT or virtual experiences, Exclusible will be the new gateway between conventional luxury and the innovative future, with the metaverse to connect brands with an entirely new generation of Web3 users and consumers.

Increasingly important projects and partners

So far, Exclusible has participated in the launch of 9 projects whose NFTs are sold out between 50 seconds and 4 days. The first was an ‘ALPHA’ membership card, with 3,000 NFTs for 0.2 ether. All NFTs were sold in 48 hours and today the value of an NFT has increased by 50%. The purchase of 4 purchased NFTs gave the right to obtain the NFT gold ‘THEIA’ which is worth 3 ETH today.

Exclusible has participated in the drops of many luxury brands such as Asprey Bugatti, Louis Moinet, Christofle and Frederique Constant. The platform has organized about ten concerts, including that of Bob Sinclar in Decentraland. In addition, Exclusible has also sold 150 villas and 25 islands on Decentraland, mainly to stars such as PSG player Marco Verratti and tennis player Stan Wawrinka. Exclusible continues to partner with increasingly prestigious brands such as Christian Lacroix, a sign of the fame and recognition the platform enjoys.

At the heart of Exclusible’s next “drop”: NFTs representing a penthouse

Exclusible’s next flagship collection will focus on luxury real estate, with 500m2 of penthouses built on the Spatial platform. Each penthouse has a banquet suite and reception area with luxury lifestyle features such as a mid-century inspired bar cart and turntable, cinema room, bedroom and outdoor lounge equipped with its own helipad and fully animated helicopter. The helipad will become a portal that will allow users to access exclusive digital events.

The Exclusive Luxury Penthouses are presented in three color variants, Quartz, Ruby and Obsidian, designed with different rarity levels and randomly assigned to buyers. Each penthouse offers different panoramic views of international residences such as Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai and New Caledonia.

These apartments make it possible to undertake all kinds of social or commercial activities:

  • Invite up to 50 friends to watch a match, concert or movie: in a projection room you can watch pre-recorded short films and broadcast them live;
  • Furnish a penthouse to your liking with up to 50 NFTs on the walls;
  • Establish headquarters in the metaverse and receive guests in the luxurious penthouse;
  • Make deals in the Metaverse;
  • Use the penthouse for social experiences, organize meetings in a more pleasant environment than a Zoom meeting;
  • Enhance the immersive experience by adding AR and VR.

Follow the news of the project on:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgarhCZye7lKJPV3A6hHqkQ

Twitter : https://twitter.com/exclusive

Disagreement: https://discord.com/invite/M9gvCMetkv

Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest the money you can afford to lose.

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