During her first year as a full school teacher, Marine Cartelier was principal of the Annay School

A leap of faith from the first year as a full teacher for Marine Cartelier. Because a week before the start of the school year, during the final touches of affection, the 24-year-old young woman learned that she was going to teach Annay, who then had only one class left and would thus become principal at the same time. † “A stress shot”, for the young woman.

The year has not been a long quiet river

“I had two days of training in Nevers”, she says “to know the basics”. Knowing that in normal times, a director or director passes through a selection process and has undergone training to hold these positions. But once she arrived, Marine Cartelier could count on the support of her colleague, director of the Arquian School, in an inter-municipal educational group with Annay’s. “She gave me the keys. Because in the beginning it was a bit complicated. When you get home, there’s lots to do. †

Especially since a second class opened a few days after the start of the school year. The young teacher remembers that “on the day of the new school year, the mayor, accompanied by the inspector, came to count the children”. From a single class with three levels (CE2, CM1 and CM2), the school, which has thirty-eight pupils, would end with two classes. One with Marine Cartelier’s CM1 and CM2. And the other with CE1 and CE2, the class of Virginie Vivant (Monday and Tuesday) and Émilie Gropeaux (Thursday and Friday). If the town hall helped to arrange logistics and equipment (finding tables, paintings…), the director had to take care of the administrative part.

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And as if these adventures weren’t enough, the mistress faced “an epidemic wave linked to Covid-19. We’ve had several cases. It was quite a complicated period. It is very tiring as we were generally only warned in the morning. It was then necessary to call the parents, knowing that we also had the class to do. “At the end of the school year, the pace is slower, even when the school holidays are preparing, like the Olympiads of the intermunicipal educational group.

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Marine Cartelier, who did not necessarily have the ambition to become the principal of a school for her first year of teaching, is pleased with this experience. “I’ve had a good year. It’s a small school in the countryside, so it’s quiet. The students have a fairly good level. We were able to work on many things. The double level was not a problem for him, as he was already confronted with this situation during his year as a student teacher last year.

A rather rare situation that will remain a good memory

La Nivernaise has “good memories of this experience as a director that made me evolve. “Next year she will leave Annay to be closer to her family. She will teach in Sougy-sur-Loire. She will no longer be a director, but she will not refrain from filling these positions again in the future. “This year of management has given me experience. It is true that as a situation it is quite exceptional, even if I am not the only one in this case. †

Next year, the teaching staff in Annay will be completely changed as his two colleagues will also leave the city, which will keep its two classes at the beginning of the next school year.

Mathilde Thomas

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