At the Cordiers school in Orléans, teachers and parents call for a class to “unclog” the kindergarten

They are not many, but got up half an hour earlier to demonstrate in front of the school of Cordiers, this Friday morning, June 10 in Orléans. Teachers and parents are frustrated: they’ve learned they won’t get the extra kindergarten class they hoped for next year

“We are losing a class in primary education because the classes there are not 100% full,” explains Bruno Chirouse, CM2 teacher, a union member at Snuipp-FSU. That was already done.

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A mixed class with thirteen toddlers?

What the team had hoped for, since talks with the academic inspectorate in February, is the opening of “an extra classroom in the kindergarten, where we are shielded”. And since the kindergarten doesn’t have a fourth classroom to house her, The project had gradually formed to install this classroom in the now empty space in primary education

“The idea was to have a class with thirteen senior students and eight from CP. the closing class teacher.”

Bruno Chirouse (Snuipp-FSU)

Eight “disappeared” students

Except that in this month of May, “we learned that we will not have this kindergarten class. And they made eight students from the large part of the workforce ‘disappear’. When I asked where they were, I understood that we pass them in primary education. without displaying them on paper…”

Where are they going, these eight children?

“We don’t know, but if they are added to the existing CP class, that would be a class of 24 students, which is the maximum allowed. armored classes and double level, which is not suitable for the needs of children. And with a class removed, the principal has less relief to help manage.”

Bruno Chirouse (empty)

Laurent Fégar, principal of the primary school, notes “that they are still talking about counting at the beginning of the school year. But for us, this means you have to prepare for two back-to-school periods with very different classes

“More space for new families”

Parents are also concerned for other reasons: »The problem of filling classeswith large kindergartens or CP up to 24 students (maximum admitted, editor’s note), is that when families move in during the year, there is no more room for their children. It’s happened to friends of mine,” Claire, parent of a student, and elected member of the school council, is concerned:

“No doctor, no place in the neighborhood school… That’s all” contrary to the goal of keeping families close

“We all suffer from it,” Céline, mother of a boy in kindergarten, adds. This class would have made it possible to unclog everyone else. It has also stabilized the school over time: there, with the overcrowded kindergarten classes, we know that the figures in CP will go up next year anyway…”

Caroline Bozec

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