The 2022 Franco-Swiss Franchise e-meetings confirm their status as a leading event

Organized by the CCI France Suisse, Expatwire and AJ Conseil Suisse, the 2nd edition of the Franco-Swiss Franchise E-Meetings brought together 176 candidates and project leaders, 25 brands and 14 speaker experts from the franchise ecosystem of the two countries.

On Thursday 2 June 2022, the flagship digital event of the Franco-Swiss franchise sector took place. A 100% business and 100% digital day. A look back at the highlights and milestones of this 2nd edition, already confirming the event in its status as a benchmark in the franchise landscape.


Organized by the CCI France Suisse, Expatwire and AJ Conseil Suisse, the 2e edition of the Franco-Swiss Franchise E-Meetings that brought together 176 candidates and project leaders, 25 brands and 14 speaker experts from the franchise ecosystem of the two countries from 8.30am. A working day of information and exchange around a cycle of thematic e-conferences that followed each other throughout the day to give candidates and participating brands global and comprehensive information on hot topics and issues, on both sides of the border. At the same time, a tailor-made BtoB meeting program took place between franchise candidates and brands from both countries. The opportunity for participants to get direct and targeted contact during a privileged networking moment.


The Franco-Swiss Franchise E-Meetings are consolidating their leadership this year, thanks in particular to the presence of key figures in the Franco-Swiss franchise sector, who were able to convey their knowledge, advice and feedback during 5 conferences themed for franchisors and future franchisees. The event organized this year:

  • Rose-Marie Less, Director of Development and Animation of the French Franchise Federation
  • Marc Häsler, Head of Francophone Switzerland at Swiss Distribution
  • Pierre Rolland, Master Franchise, Guinot Switzerland
  • Charlotte Corbaz, Country Retail Manager, Heytens
  • Frédéric Bernard, Co-Founder, Transgate SA
  • Philippe Lehartel, experience and real estate expert, Retailing Process
  • Bernard Abbou, General Manager, Aviva Kitchens
  • Djezira Charpenay, International Business Developer, La Vie Claire
  • Olivier Pires, Managing Director, Franchise On Cloud,
  • Nicolas Inglard, CEO, Imadeo
  • Eric Linn, Regional Director, Home place Switzerland
  • Sylvain Charles, Master Franchise Switzerland, Naturehouse
  • Olivier Mermuys, Managing Director, Cavavin
  • Valérie Soulard-Brin, International Development, Gautier

The proposed themes covered all current issues and challenges, in France and Switzerland. Testimonials and words from franchisors closed this day that was rich in information sharing. Among the topics covered:

  • Getting Started Franchising in France: The Keys to Success
  • Switzerland, a country of franchise development opportunities
  • How do you choose the right location?
  • Franchisee Recruitment, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Words from franchisors


A total of 148 meetings between brands and participating franchise candidates were confirmed on D-Day, a high and very satisfactory participation rate for the organizers. The connections generated on the dedicated platform were able to establish the first contacts and future collaborations. The 25 participating brands were able to present their concept and future developments to qualified profiles and thus accelerate their establishment in one of the two countries. On the candidates side, they could discuss with the brands of their choice and thus refine their future projects.


The Franco-Swiss Franchise E-Meetings 2022, sponsored by the French Franchise Federation and the Swiss Distribution (Swiss Franchise Federation), have also received the support of many renowned sponsors and partners.

On the sponsor side…

Furniture Français, Eurex, Franchise On Cloud, MLL and Transgate.

As for partners…

Franchise Observatory, Franchise Magazine, Eurelia, InSiti, Imadeo, Courant 812, Cabinet Le Péchon.

The French-Swiss Franchise E-Meetings in 2022 in numbers

  • 25 brands
  • 176 candidates
  • 148 appointments
  • 5 conferences
  • 14 expert speakers
  • 2 sponsors
  • 5 sponsors
  • 7 partners

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