Renewal of the collaboration between the hotel school of Talence and the hotel school of the capital Qubec

Since 2008, the hotel and tourism school of Gascony has been a partner of the hotel school of the capital. This partnership is part of the twinning between the city of Bordeaux and the city of Qubec. It was first signed as part of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the city of Qubec, a symbolic date to celebrate the friendship between Franco and Quebec and the special bonds that unite the two communities across the Atlantic. Since then, there have been exchanges every year in the form of reciprocity, both in terms of shared professional practices and monitoring of students during their internship.

For two years, this dynamic has been suspended due to health restrictions and the uncertainty that has created economic activity, especially in the hotel and tourism sectors.

Taking advantage of the improvement of the epidemiological context and the favorable evolution of the mobility conditions, the renewal of this fruitful partnership was quickly imposed. This approach has become all the more relevant as the two cities celebrate their 60th anniversary of twinning this year.

In April 2022, the hotel school in Bordeaux/Talence welcomed four students and two teachers from the hotel school in the capital. On this occasion, during joint educational work in the kitchen of the application restaurant, a gourmet meal was prepared based on Canadian products. Served to about fifty guests, it was particularly appreciated for the authenticity of the products, the originality of the “land and sea” recipes and, above all, the taste quality of the flavors sublimated by a seductive and colorful visual presentation.

The Canadian students then completed their four-week internship in fine addresses, all in the service of the great French gastronomic tradition.

The last week of April, a French delegation went to Qubec to renew the cooperation agreement. The official signing took place on Wednesday, April 27 at approximately 4:00 PM in Qubec City Hall in the presence of the Deputy Mayor, principals, teachers and students of both schools.

During its visit to Qubec, the French delegation had the opportunity to meet renowned chefs, including Jean-Luc BoulaySebastian Houlea and Fredric Cyro ardent defenders of Quebec’s gastronomy.

In addition, students of BTS MHR at the Lyce de Gascogne do internships in emblematic establishments, in particular at the Fairmont Manoir de Richelieu and the hotel des trois canards in Malbaie, as well as at the Sofitel Montral, or the hotel Cap aux Pierres located De Walvis. Others will enrich their knowledge with star chefs such as Saint Amour Qubec or Seb L’artisan Culinaire Mont Tremblant. These different situations create unique experiences for every young person and are likely to give them the desire to develop an international career. Over the past 14 years, this perspective has become a reality for a dozen of them, who eventually settled in Canada by pursuing promising career paths. For example, Emeline Pero who completed his internship in 2012, is now a shareholder and chef of restaurant Les botanistes Qubec. In turn, she will pass on her professional know-how and knowledge of North American culture. A remarkable professional rise that will serve as a model for future graduates.

Qubec discovery menu in 5 steps

Mingan scallops / sumac vinegar / wild ginger / maritime Brussels sprouts

Mas / bar clam / soap parsley

Bison / brick / mushrooms / cabbage / wild rice corn juice / pepper from the dunes

Zacharie cloutier / louis d’or / walnut heart madeleine / sea buckthorn

Apples / Maple

labrador tea

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