Young isolated migrant, Jonathan is a hit on the Parcoursup

Thursday, June 2 at 8:05 PM, while the results of Parcoursup have already been falling on the platform for an hour, Jonathan Kikanga, 18, final year student at Lycée Dupuy-de-Lôme, in Brest (Finistère), still doesn’t dare go and see if he has been accepted for one of the programs for which he has applied. “My teachers told me that with an average of 17.5 it was inevitable that I would have something, but I was a little dubious”, says the young man, trained in the technology branch of science and technology for industry and sustainable development (STI2D). He was wrong: out of 25 wishes formulated in science preparatory classes, technical schools or BTS, he was accepted… everywhere! Among other things, at Insa in Lyon, a prestigious technical school, which he placed as his first wish.

“When we discovered the results, we couldn’t believe it, I’d never seen that! † exclaims Christine Morrison, the principal of her technology high school, who is renting “excellent learning ability” from Jonathan.

A life full of trials

It must be said that the path of the young man, whose story was revealed by West France, has not been a long calm river until now. Born in Congo-Kinshasa, raised alone by his mother, who died of an illness when he was 12, he was orphaned, without a family to care for him. “It was a friend of my mother who took care of me”, he says with great modesty. With no money to go to school, Jonathan leaves school, but is taught by this man, who will then take him to Angola for three years, trying in vain to find his father, before taking a plane to France, where Jonathan arrived at age 15.

But in Paris, the man says goodbye to him and puts him on a train with instructions to get off at the terminus. It will be Brest, where he sleeps at the bus station. Before being taken in by Child Welfare, who put him in a hotel for a month, time to assess his minority, fire him, and kick him out. “Three years ago, however, he looked like a minor,” recalls Brigitte Millet, one of the directors of Adjim, an association dealing with unaccompanied foreign minors in Brest.

There the volunteers “I immediately realized that he had phenomenal abilities”, continues Brigitte Millet. He is particularly good at math, as the son of one of his hosts, who is being trained in a preparatory class, quickly realizes. “He’s a nice guy, very serious, very calm, who wasn’t interested in going out, but rather locked himself in his room to work. remembers Michèle Le Gall, who also received it. He documented a lot on the internet but also read literature. †

The residence permit challenge

Trained in September 2019 at the technical secondary school of Dupuy-de-Lôme, where he became an intern, the young man obtained 17 French baccalaureate in writing and 15 oral. “When he went to high school, resumed Christine Morrisson, the teachers soon saw that he had a higher education profile, even though he hadn’t been to school all the time. They were thoughtful to guide him to success, but I want to point out that he did not benefit from any specific mechanism. †

“It was mainly in France, in high school and with the volunteers of the Adjim, that I learned”, Jonathan confirms. “I think above all he had a great thirst to learn, an obsession to succeed, continues the director. His success is all the more remarkable because, in addition to his excellent academic results, he has human qualities that make him appreciated by both adults and young people of his age. † Jonathan, a class representative, is also a student representative on the school’s board of directors.

It now remains to secure a future. In order to integrate Insa and complete his training for five years, Jonathan knows that he will have to pay a registration fee and find shelter in Lyon. “I have contacted the social services of the Crous de Lyon, but I do not know yet what I will do”, says Jonathan. With the help of the Adjim, he hopes to find help from the foundations. “I think we should launch a cat”, also predicts Brigitte Millet (1). Above all, he will have to face a challenge even more complicated than Parcoursup: obtaining a residence permit, probably under exceptional permission.

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