She switched to air conditioning thanks to professional training

Retraining and training

Christina Seiller is trained to retrain as a refrigeration technician-air conditioning technician

by means of Stephanie Condis

After technical training, Christina Seiller started her new career as a refrigeration and air conditioning technician near Nantes. A successful reorientation into a profession that is often regarded as masculine. This reconvert champions the feminization of recruitment in the construction industry.

This former high-level cyclist has gone through the sports studies sector and has a penchant for challenge. And know how hard it is to stand out as a woman in a competitive context where feminization is progressing slowly. That’s why turn his career around is a challenge that gives her energy.

After a BTS in Customer Relations Negotiation and a bachelor’s degree in business development, Christina Seiller started in sales and consulting in a running store. When her daughter was born in 2016, the schedules proved too tight: until 8 pm and on Saturdays… She therefore registered with an employment agency and carried out various administrative assignments at AES Environnement, a specialist in heating and air conditioning, near Nantes.

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After a year she was hired on a permanent contract as a telephone operator at this company of 80 employees. In 2020, the young woman was assigned to the after-sales service and began to familiarize herself with the technical dimension of the sector: “ It is my manager, passionate about her profession, who has trained me to carry out the pre-diagnosis on telephone calls from breakdown customers or to make quotations.especially for the maintenance of their installations.

She enjoys the company where she knows everyone. She appreciates the mutual aid and the human touch. However, she longs to get out of the office. So she chooses a seven-month course offered by the National Agency for Vocational Training for Adults (Afpa), with a view to becoming a refrigeration installer-demolition: “ I first pointed out to the organization that the title was in masculine on the website! This is a promising profession because we lack qualified people in this field. I chose to take this course in order to progress and evolve faster afterwards.

Train to retrain

She started this last July training, the cost of which is covered by financial support, especially those in the Pays de la Loire region. † I was the only woman in a class of ten. I barely knew how to hold a screwdriver when I arrived! With 35 hours a week with two fortnightly courses I have learned a lot and now I know, for example, how to assemble an electrical panel for a cold store.

His first internship took place in a company specializing in refrigerated display cases for bakery pastries: ” We don’t realize it but there is cold all around us! I have often responded to emergencies and found it worthwhile to let someone else do their job by fixing a fault.

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For the second internship, she returned to AES Environnement, who reinstated her in the workforce once training was completed. But this time within the field teams, the air conditioning department: “ This area caught my eye! Indeed, I like to work with individuals, I feel close to them. And if you are in direct contact with them, soft skills are very important. My time in after-sales service gives me the advantage of managing customer relationships: I can bring psychology, empathy and finesse to the site. In addition to my new expertise. Without this technical training I would not have been entrusted with the same assignments and the development opportunities would have been less rapid. She recognizes that it is not easy to return, in adulthood, ” on the school benches ” to convertIt may seem scary, especially since it’s not easy to start from scratch from a professional point of view, to start over in a profession like I’m 18! But in reality, because practice and theory were intertwined, that wasn’t a problem for me.

Feminizing the construction industry

It is also not obvious to towards a profession that is often regarded as masculineI am not a Breton mover, I am 55 kg but I can practice this profession without any problems. I install air conditioning in homes, maintain and repair them. I work in pairs with a colleague. Being a woman in the field generates benevolence, not mistrust. I don’t encounter any drawbacks except that it would be necessary to feminize the construction sites! I think construction companies that have great difficulty recruiting should expand the pool to half of the French population. It’s a shame to deprive yourself of that! Turning to women gives yourself a 50% better chance of finding candidates.

Christina Seiller would like to join an association to: help feminize the construction industry and fight clichés, as she has seen in sports competitions. † Having mixed teams only has advantages! † For her, all professions are adaptable, it is only a matter of organization, imagination and open-mindedness.

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