How do you play casino games with cryptocurrencies on mobile?

Since cryptocurrencies became widely known, they sparked curiosity in all sectors and it was only a matter of time before casinos and online gaming operators wanted to get on board. Therefore, if you were wondering if it is possible to play online casino games with cryptocurrencies on your smartphone, the answer is yes. But it is necessary to underline some important precisions.

For several years now, it has been possible to play crypto games and place online bets with cryptocurrencies, i.e. to play typical casino games – such as roulette, slot machines and card games – by betting amounts in cryptocurrencies instead of real currencies such as euros or dollars .

Playing at the casino with cryptocurrencies?

The first major advantages of playing with bitcoins are the speed of transactions and the possibility to receive very interesting welcome bonuses in online casinos. Until recently, it was only possible to play on a computer.

The reason for this limitation is simple: casino games, especially live games, consume a lot of resources, both in terms of processing power and battery. When we add the integration of cryptocurrency transactions to that, we quickly realize that very powerful mobile devices are needed. In short, until smartphones are more powerful, it will be possible to play a limited number of online casino games with cryptocurrencies.

Software to play with cryptocurrencies

To play, win and have fun, you need to be equipped. When it comes to cryptocurrency games, the concept does not change.

To all this, if we want to play Bitcoin or Ethereum, we will have to add other software infrastructure, from integration with a secure wallet to game fairness check flows, exchange management and communication with the blockchain, the ledger on which all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded. .

The device used must be:

  • fast
  • powerful
  • has a large battery
  • with a low latency broadband connection.

However, such devices are rare and very expensive. Online casinos have therefore found an intermediate solution, or rather two:

  • Versions of the casino optimized for mobile devices (HTML5)
  • Applications focused on a few games

In other words, the mobile version of the casino, especially if it works with cryptocurrencies, will either be limited to a fraction of these games or the version optimized for mobile devices.

Security in cryptocurrency games

When we talk about online gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is money and the second is scams. The addition of cryptocurrency support makes the situation even worse as the skills required to use this technology have increased dramatically. For this reason, the world of crypto gaming is an area of ​​light and shadow, where it is easy to come across non-serious companies that do not respect security standards or that use bitcoin gambling to attract new victims to their online scams. .

If you want to play cryptocurrency casino games, the first thing you need to do is do some research: search the internet for information about the online casino that you choose. Make sure that it is a casino with a regular online gambling license and that the integration with cryptocurrencies is genuine and supported by the associated blockchain.

Second, you need to protect your device and data as best you can:

  • Create a secure wallet or invest in one of the first blockchain-based smartphones.
  • Use all security systems of the exchanges on which you buy and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Install a powerful antivirus for your mobile device.
  • If possible, avoid dangerous online activities on the device you use to manage your cryptocurrency and play online games.

safe wallets

These are the most commonly used types of bitcoin wallets:

  1. Hard Drive Wallets – These are USB keys intended solely for the storage and protection of cryptographic keys and accompanied by software to manage and display balances and transactions.
  2. Multi-signature wallets – This is software that uses more than one electronic signature to validate a transaction. Signatures are stored on different platforms or devices, further complicating the lives of hackers and thieves.
  3. Offline Wallets – Private keys are stored offline on computers and devices, so even confirmation of transactions takes place offline and must be synced to the network by logging in. In this way, hackers cannot access the keys, as they are not located in the wallet itself. However, payment processing takes longer.
  4. Online Wallets – These are the easiest and fastest to use, but also the least secure.


Playing casino games with cryptocurrencies on mobile is possible but with some limitations and spending a little more to have a powerful and safe device.

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