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Article updated on 12/01/2016

Introduction to Google My Business

With Google My Business, Google wants to encourage as many local businesses as possible to register with Google with the promise of appearing on Google (the classic search engine) and of course on Google Maps.

The URL is

If you have a local branch (or more), the promise is that you will be visible on Google (SERP) and in Google Maps floor plans. Google also emphasizes that you can easily communicate with your customers (by posting) and respond to the opinions they post on your listing, all on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Explanation in video:

The single My Business interface

Although My Business mainly simplifies the lives of local businesses, this interface is actually the interface for all businesses that want to work on their visibility on Google – in addition to that of their website.

Work on the visibility of your business (besides that of your website):

And manage the interactivity between your local Google+ page and web users/customers:

Interactions in Google My Business

With the Google My Business dashboard, you can now:

  • keep company information on Google up to date;
  • view information about your Google Analytics account and related YouTube channels;
  • easily create AdWords Express campaigns and track their performance.

Branches with a physical address or serving nearby geographic areas receive additional benefits. After your business is verified on Google My Business, you can:

  • make it easier to find your establishment on Google. We may indeed use the information you provide about your property in nearby search results;
  • read and respond to customer reviews;
  • Get detailed information about the search method Internet users use to find your establishment, and about their origin.
Google My Business (logo)
The official Google My Business logo

The Google My Business app

Google My Business app

In addition to the website, Google offers the Google My Business app. It allows you to manage your online business whenever you want. From your phone or tablet, you can view your statistics, update your opening hours and share photos with your customers.

To manage your listing on Google My Business, install the dedicated mobile application, available on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

In summary, with this app you can:

  • Edit your business information in Google Search, Google Maps, etc.
  • share information, posts and photos on your Google My Business page
  • access personalized statistics and, for example, know how many times your establishment has appeared on Google (as you can see in the dashboard)
Google My Business app
The My Company app on smartphone or tablet

The screenshots below (tablet version app) give examples of the possibilities…

Overview :

Local SEO My Business App
The My Business app allows you to manage your local listing on Google

Update data:

Update info in Google My Business (app)
The app allows you to update your information in Google My Business

To add photos of your establishment:

Add Google My Business photos
Adding photos to a Google My Business account is easy with the mobile app

Respond to customer reviews:

Respond to reviews on Google My Business (app)
The app allows you to respond to reviews posted to your Google My Business listing


Google My Business Stats (app)
The app gives you statistics about your listing in Google My Business (number of people who searched for your location)

Questions – answers about My Company

I already have a website: do I need Google My Business?

Google My Business complements your website by giving your business a public presence and identity on Google. Information you post about your business may appear in Google search results and on Google Maps.

How to register on Google My Business?

Go to and follow the steps to add your business information to Google. Keep in mind that any changes you make won’t appear on Google until your business is verified.

How to manage multiple addresses?

If your company has ten or more addresses, you can add them all at once using the bulk import tool. Go to Google My Business addresses to import and edit your addresses.

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