Coinhouse, fundraising and an ambitious goal!

Coinhouse, an online cryptocurrency exchange, has been in the news for a few hours now. Not only is it the first French player to register with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) as a digital asset service provider, it is also on track to become the first European crypto bank. Her fundraising must make it possible to realize her ambition.

Fundraising of 40 million euros for Coinhouse

Significant fundraising with the participation of some traditional financial players

On Tuesday 7 June, the platform announced that it would raise more than 40 million euros. A very high amount that was not expected a few months ago. The efforts are undeniable, as Coinhouse announced a €15 million funding round in January. In just a few months, the platform has therefore almost tripled its funds.

Many groups of investors have contributed to the success of this fundraiser. These include banks and investment companies such as: Franco-German private bank Oddo BHF, True Global Ventures, Tioga Capital, XAnge Siparex Innovation, Raise Ventures, CF Partners and Expon Capital. There are also many French companies that have contributed to these fundraisers.

to add more” first time in the history of Coinhouse, it is also a great first as a player in traditional finance participates in the development of a cryptocurrency platform. We are talking here about the Franco-German bank Oddo BHF. This somehow shows the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the financial world.

Funds to develop the platform and expand its services internationally

These fundraisers allow Coinhouse to grow and expand its services internationally.

First of all, the platform wants to offer new products to democratize investments in cryptocurrencies. Since last fall, the platform has been offering products used to manage savings in cryptoassets. This is especially the case for the Crypto Booklet It is currently focused on improving this type of product, to make payments in cryptocurrencies more accessible and convenient for everyone, both individuals and professionals.

In addition, Coinhouse also wants to support companies to integrate into Web3. Currently, the platform claims that it has already worked with more than 20 major brands, both in France and internationally. This is to acquire and retain land within the metaverse, but also to ensure the conversion of the euro after the sale of digital assets such as NFTs. The aim is to facilitate transactions via cryptocurrencies as well as possible, without having to go through complicated procedures.


Coinhouse participates in the development and expansion of cryptocurrencies on the international stage by achieving their objectives. Thanks to their various fundraising campaigns worth a total of 40 million euros, the group gives itself the means to realize its ambitions. Even more interesting is the participation of a traditional financial bank Oddo BHF in the project. The ambition to become the first crypto bank on a European scale is becoming increasingly clear. It remains to be seen what will be the final aspect of the new products Coinhouse intends to launch and offer to all of its customers.

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