With the Cybersecurity Skills Plan, Microsoft breaks down preconceived ideas

Retraining and training

by means of Celine Tridon

Faced with the rise of cyber-attacks and the lack of industry specialists, Microsoft is launching the Cybersecurity Skills Plan. The latter includes a vocational training offer to attract job seekers to this digital field.

In France, an estimated 15,000 people need cybersecurity experts. This claim is made by Corinne de Bilbao, president of Microsoft France. † There is an increase in cybersecurity crises and a sophistication of hackers. As for companies, they have to defend themselves “, she continues at a press conference on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, during the presentation of the Cybersecurity Skills Plan† The latter aims to meet the expectations of companies in the field of digital skills, and more specifically in the field of cybersecurity. However, the candidates are missing. This is why, as part of this broad awareness program, Microsoft is launching its new school: Microsoft Cyber ​​School from Simplon, founded in collaboration with Simplon, a start-up specialized in vocational training. This school follows other already existing structures, dedicated to AI and the cloud. For example, the company hopes to spark vocations in the cybersecurity professions, this time especially among job seekers.

No prerequisites required

Indeed, Ecole Cyber ​​​​​​Microsoft by Simplon offers training for all job seekers without the requirement of a degree or previous experience in the field. It revolves around two complementary programmes: an 8 week pre-qualification lock with basic learning (risk identification, rights management, component inventory, etc.) and a school course spanning 3 months of intensive training and 15 months of on-the-job training to to be trained as a cloud and hybrid security operator. † There are really no conditionsemphasizes Frédéric Bardeau, co-founder of Simplon. We only conduct tests to assess the suitability of each candidate in the field of digital technology. The idea is then to work on the basis of realistic projects and situations. There are many practical exercises.

This course will be launched in September 2022 with an initial promotion of about twenty students, sponsored by Advens, an independent French specialist in cybersecurity. This training provides an existing RNCP level 6 professional qualification, equivalent to Bac+2/3, as a secure infrastructure manager.

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Forget the hooded nerd

Another initiative of the Cybersecurity Skills Plan, which raises awareness from an early age, with the lesson package “Cybersecurity, My Future Job” distributed in colleges and high schools. The Cybersecurity Skills Plan also foresees the deployment of a MOOC, designed in 2018 and already offered to major schools such as Epitech or Efrei Paris. From September 2022, it will also be accessible to BTS, in a new version. † The goal is to decompartmentalize. Cybersecurity also needs technicians, it’s not just reserved for bac+12 Bernard Ourghalian, Microsoft’s technical director and security, underlines during the press conference of the presentation of the device. Indeed, the desire of Microsoft and its partners is to: breaking stereotypes of the sector: digital is accessible to everyone. † We realize that there are cognitive biases that are so much inhibiting in digital careers. We must forget the image of the hooded nerd locked in a room and without a social life, as we often see in movies and series », Commentary Bernard Ourghalian.

Microsoft hopes to train through its Cybersecurity Skills Plan 10,000 new professionals in France in 3 years.

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