The device “kidnapping alert” coming soon on Instagram

The social network Instagram has just launched a kidnapping alert system in the event of a child abduction. This urgent information banner will be available in 25 countries, including the United States and several European countries, except France.

lThe AMBER device renews Instagram for a good cause. Rest assured, nothing to do with actress Amber Heard – recently at the heart of an extraordinary lawsuit against her former husband Johnny Depp. It’s basically the American equivalent of the “kidnapping alert” device, or, in Shakespearean language, “Amber Alert“. So that last one was integrated into the social network Instagram on June 1 in the United States and will be available in 25 other countries from June 13. Among them are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This list does not include France, which is not yet affected by the implementation of this anti-kidnapping aid, but could soon be this one is already active in France on Facebook (now the parent company of Instagram) since the end of 2011

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Viewing the kidnapping alert on Instagram is quick and easy, integrated directly into the user thread: as they quietly scroll through their Insta content, a full screen window pops up between two posts, with: photos of the kidnapped child, stating his name, age, size, the place where they were last seen and practical information to notify emergency services if they are ever seen.

A device based on geolocation

“If you are near a missing child, you may see an AMBER warning with important details about the missing child, such as a photo and other information that can be provided,” Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in a Twitter video. of the day. the anti-kidnapping device was placed.

This new feature actually uses the geolocation to make ads more relevant to the area where the victim was abducted. It is therefore essential to activate it on your phone to be able to receive alerts near you. The device was added to Instagram with the aim of increasing the spread of kidnapping warnings, which are traditionally broadcast on the radio or television, in order to find children as quickly as possible.

A particularly effective and appropriate platform for this type of investigation, said Michelle DeLaune, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: “We know that photographs are an essential tool in the search for missing children and by increasing the reach of the Instagram audience, we can share photos of missing children with many more peopleScrolling in bed might come in handy.

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