EUR. A new class for the school of Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen at the start of the school year?

The school of Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen (Eure) currently has three triple classes for 65 pupils. With nine additional students at the start of the next school year, Jean-François Wielgus hopes to open a fourth grade. (© The Vernon Democrat)

At the moment, the school children from Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen (Eure) study in classes triple level† The establishment welcomes 65 students in three different classes.

” In this termsthe number of students is higher and the teacher therefore has less time to devote to each student,” emphasizes the mayor Jean-François Wielgus.

But the arrival of new kids in the village could be a game changer.

“Since the first incarceration, we have seen several families coming”

Jean-François WielgusMayor of Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen

As a memory, in 2021Bois-Jérôme had five new residents according to INSEE.
Nine more students at the start of the school year

Nine more students

So at the back to school 2022the school counts 74 students, nine more than last year. What to hope?opening of a fourth class:

“In the small section, we’re going to expand to 15 kids against 8 or 10 last school year. We could even move to two-level classes, which will be more enjoyable for teachers and kids.”

Jean-François WielgusMayor of Bois-Jérôme

However, Jean-François Wielgus remains cautious as this project is subject to certain conditions. ” According to’national education“It would take seven or eight extra students to get a new class,” explains the first aedile.

Only, if the National Education rejects this proposal, the teachers will at least be in a situation complicated with the same number of classes, on three levels, but with even more students to manage. The mayor will rely on this argument, in a few weeks, facing theacademic inspector to defend the opening of a fourth division.

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The difficult choice of town halls

The Academic Inspector has proposed an agreement to the various municipalities in the sector, including Vernon and Vexin-sur-Epte: the town halls authorize the administrative consolidation of their nursery and primary schools, in return the National Education undertakes not to some class to close before the start of the 2022 school year. Problem: no guarantee is given for the coming years. The mayors are thus faced with a choice: to sacrifice a class in 2022 to avoid a consolidation of schools or to merge primary and kindergartens into one to keep a class, at least for the next school year. In Gasny, the city council refused to merge schools. So logically they lose a lesson in 2022-2023. For some elected officials from Gasny, merging two schools would be detrimental to both the children and the teaching team in the long run, as the preference would be for three-level classes and closing classes as numbers are mixed. In concrete terms, the administrative merger of two schools, nursery and primary schools, would imply a single direction.

A new crèche by 2023

Like all mayors of small towns, Jean-François Wielgus’s wish is to maintain the demographics in his village. This is also the reason why the town hall of Bois-Jérôme-Saint-Ouen is planning to micro nursery baby village.

The interest is to attract new ones families by offering a service that some municipalities lack in the sector.

“We will launch the building permit in a month’s time. We hope to get started in the last quarter of 2022 for an opening in 2023”

Jean-François WielgusMayor of Bois-Jérôme

For the time being, the municipality has won the Equipment for Equipment for Rural Areas. During the November city council meeting, the mayor saw this project as a gamble on the future: “It is a new service that we are going to offer to the citizen and that will encourage the settlement of young couples in the municipality. In the future, the school could also accommodate additional students,” he says.

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