EcoRéseau Business – Quickly understood on June 8

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Apple launches a “buy now – pay later” service • In addition to the new features of iOS 16, Apple announced its entry into the market for payment solutions in installments on Monday, June 6. The service Apple Pay Later Apple Pay gives users a way to spread a payment over six weeks with no fees or interest. A new diversification for the American juggernaut entering a sector already well exploited by other companies such as PayPal or Affirm, an Amazon partner. The US Grand View Research estimates that the buy-now-pay-later market will be worth $5 billion by 2021 and reach $40 billion by 2030.

The Agriculture Minister comes to the aid of producers affected by bad weather • In the wake of a disastrous hailstorm on Sunday, June 5, Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau announced measures to help farmers on Monday. When visiting the east of Bordeaux, the minister promises that “we will very soon activate the devices that we know, such as the reduction of social charges, the tax exemption on undeveloped land. In the field of prevention, the minister assured that he was working “to systems that allow to mitigate the effects of stormy phenomena in the face of climate change causing more regular and powerful events”.

25 billion euros invested in solidarity savings in 202125 billion euros invested in solidarity savings in 2021 • 5.1 billion euros more. Solidarity savings have hit a new record, a study by the newspaper shows The cross and the FAIR association. Preferred investment: employee savings, with EUR 14.1 billion in assets. This growth is explained by “bullish stock markets”, according to the chairman of FAIR, but not only: he also cites the Pacte law that requires life insurance contracts to contain at least one solidary unit of account. The funds collected contribute to the financing of projects such as social reintegration or sustainable development. In 2021 1,350 projects were supported for almost 700 million euros.

Auction of a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at Christie’s • Auction company Christie’s is going to sell a first printing copy of the book from 1997 Harry Potter at the Philosopher’s Stone† Among the errors of this first edition, the word “philosophize” is misspelled on the back cover, and the term ” a baguette “ is repeated on page 53. A total of 500 copies were printed, but only 200 were sold. In December 2021, another copy of the same print was sold in Texas for about 420,000 euros. This time the bidding starts at just over 230,000 euros. It’s expensive stuff…

Victor Pailhac, one of the youngest legislative candidates • He is twenty years old and already wants to become a Member of Parliament. Victor Pailhac presents himself in the 9e constituency of Yvelines as a candidate for the Nupes (new popular ecological and social union). A third-year philosophy student at the Sorbonne and youth spokesperson for the Ecological Revolution party, the young man said he was “as much interested in the purchasing power of the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods as in the problems associated with rural areas with a bankrupt agricultural system”. reminder, the youngest deputy in history is called… Marion Maréchal, elected at 22 years, 6 months and 7 days!

FR-Alert, a new system in case of danger • Finally ! France equips itself with a warning system for the entire population. The FR-Alert device is being experimented with before it will soon be deployed nationwide. The Home Office can now send you a warning message if a major incident occurs around you. FR-Alert combines two technologies: cell broadcasting, which sends a lighter message than an SMS through 4G and geolocated SMS for phones that don’t have internet access. Mandatory in the European Union by June 21, the notification will have sound and vibration even in silent mode.

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