Anonymous Twitter account makes ‘crypto influencers’ vibrate

An anonymous account (@adyingnobody) just announced that it will reveal the private conversations of crypto influencers (some of whom post more than a million likes) on June 15. followers† Info or intox, the information promised by the whistleblower would be explosive.

Bitcoin, shitcoiner and scammer

The thread on Twitter claims that 137.21 GB of chats and messages from Telegram groups will be published in the coming weeks. The alleged whistleblower explains that he is not part of these conversations, which he allegedly got thanks to an error that allowed him to suck up Telegram conversations without being part of them.

At the time of writing, the Telegram team has been contacted about this (the error). I know two other people have mentioned this mistake in the past […] †, it is written. This error would consist of: “recreate an invite to view a Telegram group’s overview page and recent posts without actually joining that group”.

The whistleblower reportedly began collecting in October 2019 using a script that automatically downloaded messages from targeted individuals, including: “crypto influencers”

“Spying on the most popular traders in the crypto community has become a hobby. I’ve been able to follow the personal events of their lives that they shared with their closest friends, as well as all their “scams” (scams) and other “rug pulls” (selling a shitcoin after foaming it on the social networks) . †


“I felt like I was part of their circle, even though I had no way of interacting with them. I got rich along with them. […]I’ve seen artists posing as developers and developers posing as artists. There are people who pretend to be rich, people who pretend to be poor, people who pretend to be someone they are not.[…]† †

The whistleblower further alleges that he is dying and that he wants to “free from this guilt”…According to him, these revelations are so serious that many ongoing crypto projects “doesn’t survive”.

This information, which should be released by June 15, is excerpts from conversations of crypto influencers with between 800 and 1 million followers† These conversations contain threads tinged with “racism and homophobia combine sexual violence and organizations of pump & dump from shitcoins intended to scam the community between December 2019 and February 2022”.

More talks, he said, will be published on June 30, and this time, creators of projects that are present in the Top 200 by market capitalization, and in particular projects from “yield farming, stablecoins, Automated Market Making, all designed from the ground up to transfer money from the little people.”

Even more shocking, the conversations would also report “from invitation to orgies in private jets, in mansions, in virtual reality environments”† But also “of rape, pedophilia, three murders (coordinated by Telegram) and complicity with Twitter employees to delete and/or ban accounts with compromising information”.

There are many who hope to lift the veil on the world of shitcoin and the vile creatures whose “projects” are only aimed at taking money from the masses, as we have had again the sad demonstration with thestable currency Terra USD.

BUT mistrust. It can also be a huge trap to spread a computer virus. Do not click on this file. If all this is true, the professionally mined information will be all over Twitter soon enough.

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