School map 2022-2023: 24 openings and 25 closings of classes planned in the Loire

The following school year 2022-2023 will see the opening of 24 classes in the Loire, six of which will be in Saint-Etienne and the closure of 25 classes, according to the latest data presented on February 10 and March 3 at the meeting of the CTSD, Special Departmental Technical Committee. New adjustments could happen in June, at another meeting. The 2022-2023 school card covers pre-school, primary and primary school pupils from the public and private sectors attending schools in the Loire, currently 74,541.

What to remember about the future departmental scheme, is that the Loire will lose 572 pupils at the beginning of the next school yearsays SE-Unsa 42, Teachers’ Union.

On the other hand, the Loire will receive 20 extra teaching posts. This reinforcement is not entirely satisfying Bertrand Boiron, deputy for the north of the UNSA Education Department and Maëlle Laurent, deputy for the center and the south: “If this donation is positive and to be welcomed given the loss of our student numbers […], it is not enough to implement ministerial ambitions and needs. As a direct result, some small schools will experience double, triple or even quadruple levels at the beginning of the next school year with enrollments of up to 27 or 28 students |…]

Mars, Fourneaux, Nervieux, Saint-Forgeux-Lespinasse in the Roannais be affected, for example. Also note the end of the single management in the sector Saint-Germain-Laval, composed of 14 classes with Balbigny and Essertines-en-Donzy, and the closure of the Francis-Nicolas public primary school in L’Horme.

Some Saint-Etienne schools will also have an average of more than 26 students per class, such as the Ovides school, the Soleysel-Descours school or even La Cottencière in the Métare district. However, the commune of Saint-Etienne, which has 69 public schools, shows its satisfaction with the opening of six additional classes at the beginning of the 2022 school year: the primary schools of Terrenoire-Perrotière, Petit Coin, Jules-Ferry, Center 2, Maria Callas , the kindergartens of Grand Clos, Molina Saint-Saëns and Saint-Saëns primary school (Ulis class).

There are three closures in Saint-Etienne within the Vivaraize primary school, the Vivaldi and Maria Callas primary schools.

The teachers’ union regrets that it has not been able to reach the ceiling of 24 pupils per class in Grande section, CP and CE1 in all schools in the Loire. The Academic Inspectorate announces that it will give priority to this before the start of the 2023 academic year.


The Covid-19 health crisis has highlighted how difficult it is for establishments to fill replacement vacancies, especially in January 2022, when the epidemic flared up again. For the SE UNSA 42, “the lack of replacements is very structural and not just cyclical”.

Finally, the lack of resources for the Rased (Network of Specialized Help for Pupils in Difficulty) is also regretted as much as the lack of places in IME (medical-educational institutions) and in ITEP (therapeutic, educational and pedagogical institutions), and of AESH functions, guiding students with a resulting disability. To date, 900 students with disabilities receive education in adapted institutions in the Loire and 100 are on the waiting list. A similar situation exists in other departments.

Finally, on the resources dedicated to the 2N/A diploma (colleges and secondary schools), the union “Deeply regrets that additional resources have not been allocated to the Department’s colleges, SEGPA and secondary vocational schools, following the severe health crisis that has hurt staff as well as students.”


Course openings in the Loire
La Fouillouse (Les Cèdres), Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert (Thibaud-Marandé school), Saint-Marcellin-en-Forez (base), Chavanay bourg (primary), Roanne (arsenal primary, outsourced autism unit), Perreux , La Pacaudière, Saint-Chamond (Debussy elementary, Le Garat primary,) L’Horme (C. Perrault and kindergarten, A. Langard), Saint-Héand (Beauvallon), Saint-Etienne Terrenoire-Perrotière, Le Petit mint (primary ) , Jules-Ferry, Montreynaud, Molina (kindergarten), Saint-Saëns, Montreynaud (M. Callas primary), Ulis class Saint-Saëns school in Saint-Etienne as well as in La Ricamarie Montrambert, Saint-Etienne Le Grand clos (kindergarten) , Center 2, La Ricamarie (primary school in the center), Le Bessat.

Veal, Veal, Saint-Romain-le-Puy (mothers), Estivareilles, Saint-Maurice-en-Gourgois, Saint-Thomas-la-Garde, Saint-Germain-Laval, Balbigny, Essertines-en-Donzy, Roche-la -Molière (Cousteau centre), Firminy (Fayol), Montbrison (Estiallet), Montverdu, Saint-Pierre-de-Bœuf, Rive-de-Gier (Victor-Hugo kindergarten), Roanne (conditional closure of a class in the Jules- Ferry primary school based on June 2022 figures), Le Coteau (Charles-Gallet), Charlieu Bourg, Belmont-de-la-Loire (same as for Roanne), Saint-Germain-Lespinasse, Saint-Chamond (Lavieu – Le Parterre), closure of the Francis-Nicolas primary school in L’Horme, Saint-Etienne (Primary A. Vivaldi, Lower M. Callas, Lower M. Callas), Saint-Chamond (Lavieu-Le Parterre), Saint -Christo- and – Jarez (primary).

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