Burritos with Bitcoin sauce? Chipotle accepts cryptocurrencies

Crypto fast food! – The Mexican restaurant franchise Chipotle has announced it will accept Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Known in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and France, the famous fast food chain is turning the turbo on cryptos. The digital payment platform, Flexa, helps the franchise with the deployment of this position† Fast food chains are increasingly experimenting with crypto, NFT and the play to earn† By the way, Chipotle opened a store on Roblox in the fall.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in fast food restaurants

Chipotle joins in a long list of restaurants currently accepting cryptocurrency. Subway, one of the first to accept Bitcoin in its branches, started in 2013. Pizza Hut in Venezuela also adopted crypto in 2020. Starbucks also allows its customers to convert their rewards into cryptocurrency on the Starbucks app.

Other fast food chains are trying to experiment with blockchain and crypto in every possible way. Some try, for example, to create hybrid experiences between the digital world and the physical world† Taco Bell, KFC, Chick-fil-A and Carl’s Jr. recently registered trademarks for NFTs. In April 2022, the Wendy’s chain partnered with Meta to launch a Wendy’s virtual restaurant. Users can create an avatar there and sit at virtual tables with virtual food.

Chipotle held a bitcoin and burrito giveaway a while ago.

Chipotle followed the trend of virtual branches very early on. Indeed, the chain was already open a virtual restaurant on Roblox for Halloween in 2021† Players could dress up their avatars in Chipotle-themed costumes. They could therefore use a bag of chips as a ghost disguise or dress up as a mummy burrito. In this experiment, the first 100,000 users received free burritos online. They could then exchange these for real ones in the physical branches of the chain.

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Flexa does it again with Chipotle

Chipotle customers can now pay for bowls, burritos and everything else on the menu with Flexa using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. And it’s party time! To commemorate the announcement, the chain offers its customers 10% off on their next order.

To pay in crypto, users simply open Flexa-compatible apps (Gemini, SPEDN, AirGap Wallet, etc.) and choose Chipotle. From now on Flexa is available in over 2,975 Chipotle locations about the United States. On designated occasions, users can quickly and easily pay for their meals with a single scan.

The chain’s customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to paying for their burritos. Indeed, Flexa supports hundreds of currenciesincluding bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

Do you like Bitcoin?  You will love the Chipotle burritos
Paying your Burritos in Bitcoin? It’s possible, through Flexa, thanks to Chipotle

Today, new entrepreneurial realities emerge every day in all sectors. This makes competition more and more difficult. In addition to the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, both large chains and smaller establishments are feeling the need to retain their audience† Building a relationship with customers through innovative approaches is a good way to do this. For the restaurant industry, NFTs and, more broadly, the universe of cryptocurrencies contribute to this objective.

It also helps to attract an active community around the restaurants and to arouse the interest of investors. Developing and combining these sectors is not only possible, but also profitable. A Maltese Michelin-starred chef has understood this and is also accepting bitcoin in his restaurants

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