Announcing the Japan Inspired NFT Portal (JINP), an NFT art brand that represents the combination of traditional and modern cultures of Japan.

The first release is called “JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” TNT series, created by 10 top illustrators based on the “traditional colors of Japan” theme.

The second release titled “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” is a series of ETF-themed traditional Japanese works produced by photographer RK, the number one Japanese artist in the NFT Foundation market.

TOKYO June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two companies based in TokyoCyberZ, Inc. and OEN, Inc. launched a TVN production company in June 2021 and are now collaborating on a new initiative to share Japanese culture worldwide through the “Japan-Inspired TVN Portal” (JINP).

Each version has a name consisting of 4 kanji characters and themes such as kanji characters, Japanese coloring, Japanese painting and kimono. These projects aim to share Japan’s distinctive culture with the world.


[JINP : Contexte et avenir]

The value of TVN transactions grew rapidly in 2021 and the retail price of digital artworks approaches the value of physical artwork.

In light of these situations, the JINP project was launched with the aim of becoming a brand that will attract art lovers by sharing “traditional modern Japanese culture x” with the world. Our vision is to remix the traditional with the modern culture to preserve them for the future through blockchain technology.

Each of the JINP releases will feature a 4-character kanji compound, featuring a series of works created around this theme.

4 character kanji compounds are idiomatic expressions consisting of 4 consecutive kanji characters.

In the first series, titled “JUU-NIN-TO-IRO”, 10 illustrators will create ETFs to express traditional Japanese colors.

In the second phase, we plan to develop an NFT artwork “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN”, which is based on a traditional Japanese artwork by the world famous photographer “RK”.

In the future, JINP plans to develop TNIs that express the combination of “modern traditional Japanese culture x” using 4-character kanji connections.

In addition, through cooperation with group companies, various business expansions are planned, such as providing services using advanced 3DCG technology to create large-scale buildings, fashion items, glass vases and the people.

[1st Series JUU-NIN-TO-IRO ]



“JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” means “everyone has their own ideas and tastes” — or literally, “ten people have ten different ideas or tastes.”

Inspired by the meaning of this expression, this time JINP will develop an NFT series around the theme of “washoku”, which is defined as the traditional Japanese color.

Each “washoku” color has a unique name that expresses a season or some form of mood or taste in Japan. For this project, each illustrator will be in charge of one color and a total of 10 illustrators will create one artwork.

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Period: First-round bidding is scheduled to begin June 20, 2022 on the Marketplace Foundation website

[2e série ON-KO-CHI-SHIN]

The NFT artwork is produced by photographer RK on the theme of traditional Japanese art.

*Details will be available after the end of June.

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