▷ How do you build a profitable business from scratch?

This is a question that all beginners ask themselves. Anyone who dreams of making a living from their online business is frantically searching for the answer: How do you set up a profitable business in a few months when starting from scratch?

This sequence of steps applies to each theme. That’s literally what the greats in this game do and that’s what works.

Who am I to tell you that?

Because yes, the question of legitimacy is important for an article like this!

Delighted, Lucien alias Capitaine Copy: 18-year-old copywriter trained at the largest and studied commerce at the first IUT in France.

I have spent thousands of dollars learning the trade.

By following the process I’m about to give you, I know it’s only a matter of time before I take my share.

I am in contact with the greatest EVERY DAY. I’ll see what works and I’ll share it with you. Free.

That’s good for you ?

Let’s go.

1/ Ensure clear positioning

The goal is to get clear. A must.

All things are otherwise equal:

Would you rather eat with a beast of a Neapolitan pizza maker?

Or eat a pizza at the station kebab.

In other words: do you want a nice night out, or a tourista from hell?

It will be seen quickly and it should be the same for your business too. Before launching anything, take the time to clearly define your offering, your purpose, and your positioning.

Why is it so important to define all this?

Simply because you don’t talk to a man the same way you talk to a woman, mon capi.

Example: a woman wants to be muscular while a man wants to bulk up.

It’s simple, but you have to think about it.

If you focus ONE DAY on your offering, your positioning and your goal, you can do something super clean and get results much faster. Without it, there is no profitable business in the short term.

2/ Make yourself known

Ok, that’s the slightly more time consuming part, although some break through in as little as 1 month and are already brewing.

You may be delivering maximum value to your blog or Facebook page right now, but no one is following you?

So to remedy this and deliver your classes to a packed house (just waiting for that), here are 3 strategies:

  • Write guest articles;
  • Post on LinkedIn;
  • Doing interviews.

You know them?

Today it is clearly the most effective.

Write guest articles

You contact the major blogs of your theme by offering them an article related to it.

It’s win win. He grabs free content, you get visibility.

It allows you to confirm your expertise “look at me, I publish on the largest blog of [ta thématique] French ! †

At the end of your article, give a little call to action to get subscribers on your list.

Best of all?

It is that they will be qualified registrants. Yes, they are on a blog of your theme, it’s good that they are interested. They will be much easier to convert later.

Remember, we’re looking for buyers, not readers. Quality > Quantity

I know guys who earn +10k€/month with barely 1000 subscribers. If that’s not a profitable venture…

Post on LinkedIn

It’s pretty much the same principle, but more appropriate if you want to sell your services.

On LinkedIn you create a solid network super fast and super easy.

At the rate of one post per day, which takes you 20 minutes to write, you can quickly become a figure of your theme.

We are only at the beginning of this platform, many are still unaware of its funky side.

Publish on your theme, or tell anecdotes about your life and enjoy the benefits.

Interview the bosses in your field

By doing this, you capture part of the audience and the visibility of the interviewee. He will be able to demonstrate his expertise by answering your questions.

Again, it’s a win-win. You ask for a link to your channel or your email list in the description, and that’s it.

3/ Be regular

The most important thing, as with everything in fact, is to be regular.

If you publish hard for 2 months, and then it’s radio silence until the end of the year… you won’t get very far.

On the other hand, if you follow the method closely and don’t give up, it will pay off.

My advice is to publish one article per week to 300 subscribers.

In addition to articles, writes 2 emails per week.

Ignoring his list is the worst mistake you can make:

You contact them again a few weeks later, they will have forgotten about you and will all be so kind as to unsubscribe from your first sales email. Not profitable.

Actually, I have good news for you.

You should not write 2, but only 1 email per week.

One of the two can just be to announce that you’ve released an article

Keep posting and creating regularly, you’ll be fine.

4/ Understand the audience

Right now it’s cool, your subscribers are dropping and you’re starting to think about your first offer.

Don’t burn your wings, my big fellow.

Before you sell anything, make sure your audience needs it.

Therefore ?

Start a maximum of surveys, calls and ask questions at the end of your emails.

Calling is clearly the most effective:

Your audience is purely unconsciously giving you persuasion on a silver platter to such an extent that it won’t be able to resist begging you to have your money sent.

But the professions are also the most difficult to conduct. You need to know what questions to ask and how not to make it awkward.

That’s good, I have a secret document that sums it all up.

Pretty cool, right?

Click on the yellow button above, just below the handsome man in purple, to get your treasure.

In short, let’s go back…

Discovering the public’s problems/desire is essential to be 100% sure to sell.

But before you submit your offer, you need to prove your expertise.

I therefore recommend that you publish videos (privately if you prefer) that answer your audience’s ten most recurring problems. You post 1 a week, you show you know and you build a solid foundation for your profitable business.

Brings full value, as it will last.

Snowball effect, you already know.

Small tip: if you have a rather visual theme (for example: drawing).

Instagram privilege. Short and dynamic messages will be more interesting, even images will suffice.

5/ Release your first product

Bring out your product that answers the reader’s major problem by using the information gathering method above (survey, call, etc.), a well-practiced email sequence, an irresistible offer, and an optimized sales page = big profits.

Ultimately, this is the easiest part of building your profitable business.

Once you have a buyers audience ready to jump on all your offers, life gets good.

Great power for your projects, the main thing is to TAKE ACTION. I can’t say it enough, it changed my life. Stay tuned!

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