behind the scenes of the internal investigation that is shaking the school of journalism

The School of Journalism has been conducting an internal investigation into alleged inappropriate behavior for ten days now. The testimonies, which follow one another, have shocked the private establishment ever since.

The toughest ordeal that EDJ Nice has faced in thirty years of existence will have been launched … with a joke. On Thursday, May 26, a student in class makes a joke about one of his teachers in front of his classmates. A trainer hears the joke and takes it seriously enough to dive into the story. Enough to launch an internal investigation within hours.

under a variety of testimonials, a student says he was made uncomfortable by a private conversation with a school employee on Instagram. To our colleagues fromNews Niceshe says she has already sent it back to the administration “at the end of 2020”, with no effect.

The school condemns ” a lie “ and confirms Nice Press have no “no report” about inappropriate behavior.

“Let Him Die”

Nevertheless, the internal investigation is started.

Former and current students are heard, during interviews, by telephone or by text message. Except that, according to our information, it does not respect the clearly stated principles for this type of device by the Ministry of Labour.

Which compels to choose to control a person who has as little ties to the defendant(s) as possible. However, a manager was appointed – the one who interacts with and exchanges with the witnesses – who worked closely with the personalities at the center of the investigations. He even had fun with at least one of them A close relationship

Then it is necessary to “ensure that all concerned are heard impartially and are treated fairly”. Except that, according to various and concordant sources who have forwarded to our editors recordings of various exchanges resulting from this proceeding, the questions asked are focused to say the least

With several students and in the context of this research, he describes several accused trainers as: “predator”from “asshole” or even from “asshole”

This same supervisor responsible for verifications indicates, in return of which Nice Press have obtained a copy, have knowledge of serious psychosocial risks made by employees in question, with irony in the presence of a student de suicide intentions from a supervisor.

“Let Him Die” he also notes.

“We are investigating without bias,” the establishment assures, questioned about the insults made.

The information collected is also deemed to be confidential, in particular to protect the sources, but also to protect the presumption of innocence. However, charges have been communicated to former or current students, with the names of their potential authors.

“Everyone knows, everyone is silent”

Contact has been made with pupils who have not attended school for more than a year. But the current Student Bureau (NDE) “harassment referee”, trained in listening to reports and preventing unwanted behavior, had still not been approached by the internal investigation, nor questioned about anything on Friday, June 3. open week after.

During a conversation that we were able to consult, the person in charge of the procedure remarked about one of the professors: it’s like PPDA (Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, editor’s note) Everyone knows, everyone is silent. Always the same pattern. But who knew what? The EDJ Nice indicates that it has not “never knew anything” before 26 May.

The teaching team will be informed of the procedure via Whatsapp on 3 June, after the publication of two articles in the press. All trainers involved have still not been brought in by this date to explain the collected elements.

“He let me sit on his lap”

One of the supervisors of the EDJ Nice, who enjoys remarkable responsibilities, has expressed on several occasions before different and concordant sources his concern to hide his relationship with such or that student in the direction, expressing fear of being “dead” or “fired”

This employee, like others, was regularly present at the various evenings organized by the students and their NDE – of which all members contacted did not respond to Nice Press He “didn’t behave properly” report different and concordant sources.

He would have allowed “kiss on the neck, on the mouth without permission. Hands on the hips, on the buttocks,…”

At a party at the end of March, his attitude strongly disturbs one of the students

The drunken look, “He took me in his arms, kissed me. He sat down behind me, pulled me to sit on his lap.” we’ve been told.

The manager amicably left the company three weeks before the internal investigation began, on a conventional breach of contract. The reason given is his desire to “go around the world”.

Asked by us on Friday 3 June, he did not answer.

“We have never heard of the slightest inappropriate action on his part,” the school promises.

“Toxic, unhealthy” atmosphere

In principle, employment contracts prohibit any extra-university relationship between employees and students. A provision that is not always applied, and according to the trainers with a very unequal degree of discretion. However, there are currently no indications that the management was clearly told that professors were sleeping with some of their students.

The rumors are rife for years, adding to “a toxic, unhealthy atmosphere” in the establishment, according to the sentiments of a variety of young people we were able to interview. All claim “strict anonymity”, some consider “great risk” talk to the press.

Facebook on all floors

The school bases a large part of its operation on social networks. Being a member of a Facebook group is almost mandatory to be aware of homework topics or schedule changes. Management members and trainers contact young people directly through Messenger and Instagram apps, from morning to night, at night

The health crisis and incarcerations have accentuated this digital switching† Some students today express shame at the blurring of boundaries in the relationships their tutors maintain with them.

Can various compliments from employees to students on these platforms also be regarded as criminal behaviour? The current procedure should yield its conclusions mid June

The Ministry of Justice has not yet been informed of the elements reported here.

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The EDJ Nice has appointed a head teacher, “available to her students five days a week”. Who can fill in an anonymous questionnaire twice a year for the evaluation of lessons. At the start of the course, among other things, a training and awareness program is offered, especially against sexual harassment.

footnote 1: Nice Press and EDJ Nice have been partnering since April 2021. This Saturday June 4th we have decided to put an end to it† Before this date, the school did not interfere in any way with our journalistic work.

footnote 2: The author of these lines graduated from EDJ Nice in 2019.


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