Women decision makers 2022: The Transition Trophy goes to Isabelle Huault (emlyon business school)

On the occasion of the Women Decision Makers 2022 evening in the H7 in Lyon, Isabelle Huault received the Transition trophy from Fabien Bagnon (Lyon Parc Auto) on Tuesday 31 May. The chairman of the board of emlyon business school immediately emphasized emlyon business school: “It’s an honor for my school, and thank you for honoring an educational institution. Simone de Beauvoir said it only takes a crisis to reduce or eliminate women’s rights.”

One way to confirm during his response to the platform that the battle in this area is never over: “It’s important to get work back on track so women stop censoring themselves, negotiate their salaries, have the same trajectories as men. We have very dedicated women’s collectives in school and we’ve renamed one of our amphitheaters Julie – Victoire Daubié, after the name of the first baccalaureate in France.”

His first reaction to video

Her portrait / Isabelle Huault, the egalitarian

Isabelle Huault has never been the victim of sexist remarks, nor has her professional trajectory been hindered by a macho attitude. However, she ardently defends gender equality.

On the emlyon campus, the large amphitheater bears the name of Julie-Victoire Daubié, a woman who promoted women’s access to education. A journey that inspired Isabelle Huault, the chairman of the board of directors of the Lyon Business School.

“These kinds of trajectories should also inspire our female students. We often speak of a role model, but it should not be taken from the exemplary function, because I do not believe that there is a female management versus a male management. show that as a female leader we can draw professional trajectories. Showing that this is possible is a virtuous approach in that it allows them to project themselves”describes Isabelle Huault.

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An only daughter, the one who graduated from the school she now leads in 1990, was raised with values ​​of equality and respect. “My husband also shares these values. In a family, in a couple, it is important because many blocks arise in the personal sphere, while the business community has gradually been able to open up to this issue.”

In particular, the leader refers to the Copé-Zimmermann law that requires fair representation of men and women on boards of directors and supervisory boards.

A “hybrid” course

“In addition, networks and other women’s associations are places and structures to share, listen and support, especially the International Woman Forum, of which I am a member.”

And Isabelle Huault to specify that no specific fact in her life caused her desire for gender equality: “These values ​​have been ingrained in me from time immemorial. It is a battle, not in the sense of war, but what drives me personally. I have always considered that women had a role equal to that of men. ‘man’.

Growing up in an academic and university environment, the associate professor of management science has never been hindered in her career by an environment that is evil to her. “I would have preferred some paternalistic but always benevolent attitudes.”

Moreover, it is exactly “this whole career, this hybrid path” and this in-depth knowledge of academia, both from professors-researchers and students, which she believes gave her the skills to lead emlyon today.

Julien Thibert

His company

Isabelle Huault, chairman of the board and general manager of emlyon. Lyon’s business school welcomes 8,900 students on seven campuses around the world and 170 international professors-researchers.

His advice to get started

Project yourself. Because it’s important to be able to project yourself into careers as leaders, especially for women.

His key to management

I am convinced that the success of an organization is always the result of collective work. I am therefore very proud to have brought together excellent teams – efficiently of course – but also committed to an ambitious joint project with a strong CSR dimension for emlyon.

Her leadership ritual

For me, sport is a way to maintain the balance between an active professional and personal life. Physical fitness is indeed an important part of management functions and the practice of sports every weekend allows me to “decompress” (cycling, jogging, fitness, alpine skiing or winter hiking).

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