NFT: Animoca Brands And Square Enix Team Up To Conquer The Metaverse

The great maneuvers in the 10ᵉ art – The video games field has been booming for several years now. Mobile games, virtual reality, metaverse, play to earn, NFT or Web3, all of these concepts have revolutionized a practice that no longer just involves a few teenagers in their room. Millions of dollars are pouring in, companies are sharpening their weapons and the blockchain opens up huge perspectives. Animoca brands and Square-Enix are two big names in the NFT and gaming and they just announced a partnership for 2022. Chronicles of an Arranged Marriage.

A marriage of convenience between two giants…

The Japanese video game giant Square-Enix recently announced its quarterly results – “Q1 Earnings Report” in economic jargon† In this document, the holding company – among other things – franchise Final Fantasy describes the investment areas for the coming year. And these are the NFT that form the heart of the project. Indeed, after the success of the game Shi-San-Sei Million Arthurthe makers of DragonQuest and Kingdom Hearts want to invest even more in NFTs and expand them into much of their catalog.

And to do this, they just announced a partnership with Animoca brands† Will a bell ring? And if I tell you The sandpit † Or Axie InfinityNBA top shot † Always nothing? What if I tell you Disney, World Wrestling Entertainment or The Walking Dead? Or Snoop Dogg, Moto GP or Power Ranger? Yes, you got it, it’s a huge not only from the NFT sector and the intellectual propertybut also mobile video games and play to earn.

The Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands is deeply honored by the partnership with Square Enix – Source: Yat Siu’s Twitter

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…to conquer Web3 and gaming NFTs

So Sqaure Enix plans to leverage Animoca Brands’ skills in: web3 and from metaverse to develop their own industry. On the agenda: creation of a regulatory framework clear to continue marketing NFT products. But there is also the creation of a venture capital subsidiary to to invest in other projects in the sector. And finally, they are considering establishing an entity abroad that would do business publishing, managing and investing [leurs] own tokens »

In conversation with Cointelegraph, the executive chairman of Animoca – Yat Siu – said about the partnership and the future:

“Square Enix has long talked about the potential of blockchain-based games. They are therefore better placed than most traditional video game giants. †

Both companies have converging interestsTo explain CEO of Square Enix – Yosuke matsuda – in its quarterly presentation. The axes of common development revolve around the monetization of the blockchain, artificial intelligence and the cloud computing† the final goal † Create the first video game based on these technologies, which will be a very general audience and massively multiplayer. And this, while we understand the concepts of play to earn and NFTs. And all served by “high quality graphics for a good gaming experience”.

It is Dino Tomic, an artist who works in particular for Square Enix, who explains to us that whoever will succeed big winner of the industry. The race is on between all players in the ecosystem for the better positioned in this emerging market† And when we see the millions of dollars that are lifted every week“We say the competition promises to be fierce. To your control…ready, go!

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