#Me too. At Nice School of Journalism, students denounce teachers: our revelations

An internal investigation has been launched at the Nice School of Journalism in response to reports of inappropriate behavior by counselors denounced by students at the end of May 2022. (©CBL / News Nice)

At the end of May 2022, the board of the School of Journalism (EDJ) of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) opened an investigation within the established order. It would be facts of inappropriate behavior tutors for students.

It’s almost the end of the school year and tongues are coming loose. The management of the EDJ confirms the opening of the investigation and confirms: News Nice that, Thursday, May 26, 2022, “an observation by a student in a class caught our attention. We responded immediately.”

Discreet research

But these facts would not date from yesterday. If the school doesn’t put forward a name, three stand out according to the testimonials we’ve collected. Some facts pertain to sexual hints† At this stage, the case remains internal: no complaint has been lodged with the Public Prosecution Service.

However, according to our information, the opening of the investigation is not known to everyone within the school. Also from supervisors, to whom News Nice learned it.


A student, still in training, Sarah*, agreed to testify withNews Niceon condition of anonymity.

She talks about the exchanges she had with one of them: “In October 2020, at the time of incarceration, we started talking to each other. I didn’t like the idea of ​​being locked up, I had just been dumped.” They exchange their Instagram account, as she has with other chaperones.

The messages are said to have started with “reactions to the stories, a bit banal, smileys, I didn’t see the evil at all. Then I got problems in my family and he started using this topic to talk to me. I thought he was worried about me, that was cute.

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But I spoke to my psychologist about it: she reminded me that he is my teacher and told me that he manipulates me.

Sarah*, student at the EDJ in NiceAdopted first name

Around Christmas, his interlocutor would have tried to get closer to our source and would have talked about suicide among his relatives. “I found that super weird and sick,,I didn’t get into his game and that’s where it stopped.

Comments on outfits, personal apostrophes

Between October and Christmas 2020, the speaker is also said to have commented on some of his outfits. She first blocked him on social networks, which would have earned him a personal apostrophe in public, during a video conferencing course, causing her to uncomfortable

Another student states that our source isn’t the only one who has had to deal with these kinds of comments in the middle of the class. She says she heard that “when there were freshmen who didn’t respond to his messages, he had some pretty weird behavior about it.”

Contacted, this supervisor refused to answer our questions.

“He came after me, touched my shoulders”

In addition, Sarah* explains that she felt “very uncomfortable” during another speaker’s class. “He came up behind me, touched my shoulders, sometimes behaved very inappropriately for a teacher”. She says she heard the same facts before other of her friends, especially hands on her thighs.

Other sources confirm that this manager was known for: inappropriate behavior† One of them, formerly in the administration, reports that she allegedly heard that this other speaker was “testing the waters” and “it’s not surprising he sends girls from the EDJ”. Words we can’t confirm.

Contacted, this regulator confirms nothing and explains that he is not aware of the rumors or open investigation, of which News Nice informed him.

An affair between an employee and a student

A former student, Inès*, also agreed to confide in him News Nice† She allegedly dated an employee close to management. “I had his keys, I came to his house. He would even introduce me to his family, but he left me to go with another girl.”

She explains that she fell “very in love” with him, “but at first I wasn’t interested, it wasn’t my style at all. He’d only been staring at me since the beginning of the year. He hit me, I was a little naive. It all started with a chat on Instagram.”

Discussion obtained News Nice† “He tells me if I wasn’t an EDJ student he would have liked us to get together, I’m totally his style. i fell in and we got togethersecretly”.

Discreet relationship

And during their relationship, this student had to remain discreet so as not to spread this idyll. “He knew what he was risking if people heard we’d been together, except I had nothing to do with it.” The risk according to her: that he will be fired

When they broke up, Inès* lost “eight kilos in two weeks”. “It’s one of the worst mistakes of my life. I was manipulated and very naive† He told me I was the most beautiful girl, he gave me his keys very quickly, that I was the woman of his life… Everything a woman dreams of hearing”.

And according to his words, she would not have been the only one who had fallen under his spell.

‘He told me we could have made it dirty’

What another student, Lavande*, says. She would also have been approached by this member of the administration, with whom she was already exchanging messages. “He was trying to warm up the situation.”

He called me around 11pm when I was in a relationship, told me he really liked me, that if I wasn’t with my boyfriend we could have gotten dirty. Another night I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend and without any conversation or context he sent me a shirtless picture of himself.

Lavande*, student at EDJ NiceAdopted first name

“I have the impression be dirtyI was not asked anything. Before I was super jovial, I actually laughed, but it really affected my relationships,” she adds.

Today this supervisor is no longer a member of the school. We were unable to reach him at the time of publishing the article.

“Unhealthy Atmosphere”

Nevertheless, according to Lavande*, the atmosphere at school is “unhealthy”. “We know very well that the teachers who try to catch the students are almost daily. We are used to it. I used to like sitting at the bottom of the school to chat, now I don’t hang out at school anymore, the atmosphere is really bad”.

She would even have searched change setting for these reasons.

“Nothing confirmed for the time being,” said the management

The school is no longer communicating about the ongoing investigation at this stage and is initiating “a strict duty of confidentiality to comply with the provisions of the Labor Code” in this regard.

“We need to collect information from our students and others to have the necessary information and the necessary conclusions and decisions. At this time, nothing has been confirmed and made explicit.

“Last week things happened that were brought to our attention, we were not aware of that until then,” confirms the management, together with News Nice† “We have always been on the side of our students, we will never accept serious things happening in our establishment. We are investigating today because we have heard things.

The school makes people aware of bullying

The management also specifies that a “head teacher is available to his students 5 days a week, 8 hours a day” and that the students “do not hesitate to push the door of our offices several times a day”.

” Twice a year, a questionnaire anonymous lesson evaluation is sent to every EDJ student. There are questions about pedagogy, but also a free text appendix with which everyone can express themselves directly”.

a seminar is also organized at the beginning of each year, “to teach them to express their opinion”. An email address is made available to them and an article of the internal regulations of the school deals with intimidation.

The school would put pressure on the students

Sarah* indicates, however, that she would have already applied for the administration at the end of 2020 at the time of the facts she tells. No follow-up until this investigation opened late last week.

Since the information first became known, the school board would ask its students: do not speak to the press, according to reports thatNews Nice has purchased. A censorship that would follow both our requests and those of Nice Press Under students.

But the school denies each press: “Our students are free to do and respond to whoever they want. We have not given instructions to our students”.

*Adopted names


This research was carried out by the entire editorial staff of Actu Nice, including a student at the end of her studies at this school and a full-fledged journalist at actu.fr.

All discussion partners were contacted between Monday 30 May and Thursday 2 June 2022. Of the three people involved by the sources, two responded to calls from the editors, the third has not contacted her again.

The management approached the editors on Monday 30 May and answered questions for publication on Wednesday 1 June and Thursday 2 June 2022.

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