Covid 19. A case discovered at Pléneuf’s private school, the director explains the protocol

The parents of the Sint-Sébastien School were warned on Tuesday evening about a case of covid within the establishment. ©Helen HERAULT

“The Sint-Sébastien School is subject to specific measures due to the occurrence of a confirmed case of Covid-19. Your child is regarded as a risk contact. Message received by all parents of students in class CM1-CM2 at school Saint-Sébastien, Tuesday evening.

Message to all parents of the school

A few minutes later, another message read: “We were notified today of a confirmed case of Covid-19 within the establishment, and more specifically in the Cm1-Cm2 class. The students in the class have been quarantined pending return with a negative test result. In accordance with the rules established by the health authorities and with regard to the preventive measures taken, your child is not identified as a contact at risk at this stage. †

Message received by all parents of students at school, without exception.*

Trust and Prevention

“For me it is essential that all parents are informed. Firstly because of the transparency towards the families: it is a matter of trust. As soon as we are informed, we will inform everyone within the school that a case of covid has been detected among the students. †

Wilfried Guillemin, director of the establishment.

The other reason is prevention.

“It used to be science fiction. Now the covid is here, right on our doorstep. To warn everyone is to encourage them to be vigilant for possible symptoms: headache, feverish state… And to encourage barrier gestures. Also in children who are not at risk of contacting them’.

second case

The Saint-Sébastien school had already had to close a class last spring, that of CM1-CM2. “Unlucky, we had just reopened after the confinement. At the time, we closed from the first case”.

Today the protocol has changed, even though it is level 3 on a scale of 4: at the first case of covid reported in a class, the students, considered as high-risk contact cases, are sent home, but can return to school with a negative test

Many affected schools

Currently, it may take longer for test results to be obtained. Analytical labs are starting to get overcrowded.

“There are schools everywhere. It explodes on the side of Plancoët and Dinan. It will remain moderate for us for the time being, but there was Erquy, Saint-Alban now that we… ”

A second test after 7 days

Children who are not tested are quarantined for 7 days, the average incubation period for the disease. “It is also strongly recommended to repeat a test after 7 days,” warns the director.

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But it is not mandatory.

“Contact cases, which are not considered high-risk, are those who have contracted covid for less than 2 months or, for a school, students who are not in the same class”.

“Moderate risk of contact cases”

There are also contact cases with a moderate risk: students in the same class, but vaccinated, valid for secondary school. They must also be tested before returning to class.

“As a preventive measure, last year and this year, after the start of the school year, we conducted a saliva test with the consent of the parents. Not a positive test, but we were in a period where the incidence was less than 50…”

On December 4, it was 205.

Asymptomatic cases

“What’s disturbing is that the positive cases in school are usually asymptomatic. Because the mask is also mandatory, there is little risk of transmission: no coughing, no sneezing, no fever, so no perspiration on the surfaces… “So it’s up to you outside school that you also have to be vigilant. Masks and barrier gestures remain the first recommendation.

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