Sup de Pub: the communication school outside Parcoursup that offers an ideal alternative for students!

The large communication school Sup de Pub is directly accessible after the baccalaureate, with the exception of Parcoursup. Known for its professionalism and the quality of its training, it gives every student the opportunity to enter the communication sector and develop to its full potential, while holding a diploma recognized by the state!

Training of excellence is not only found at Parcoursup!

Professional training, adapted to the needs of students

During their training, the students work on concrete cases. They are supervised by lecturers and by the companies that receive them for internships (in the bachelor’s cycle) or work-study trajectories (in the master’s cycle).

Education recognized and certified by the state

The establishment offers state-certified training courses that are registered in the Register of National Professional Certifications (RNCP). Sup de Pub recently obtained the Qualiopi/Afnor certification and also benefits from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) label. The latter applies to university programs and higher education schools at master’s level. In addition, each year students obtain European ECTS credits corresponding to the validation of their achievements.

Access possible outside Parcoursup

Students can take the Sup de Pub entrance exam whenever they want, without waiting for the results of their orientation wishes formulated on the Parcoursup platform. Every month the school offers two dates reserved for the competition and the students will know 15 days later if they are admitted.

An institution that promotes student reorientation

Thanks to the staggered start to the school year offered by Sup de Pub, students can join the establishment very easily if they want to change orientation during the year.

Sup de Pub, the school that trains in all communication professions

Sup de Pub, quesaco?

The Sup de Pub campus is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. It brings together students from the school of communication and those from business and technical schools. In 2019, the campus had nearly 4,000 students, 2,500 of whom were at Sup de Pub.

Education that promotes professional growth

The Sup de Pub school focuses on theory, but also on practice, an important part of the immersive pedagogy offered. As the president of the Paris campus, Anne-Françoise Stasser, confirms: “The pedagogy of Sup de Pub encompasses all communication professions and promotes the professional integration of students (…). They work on real assignments, with real clients, budget constraints and time constraints. They have to take care of the strategy, the creation and the digital advice

They are also introduced to creative workshops and have special experiences, explains Anne-Françoise Stasser. “The students are briefed under the sea. (…) Students in London and Paris are briefed at the same time and generally work in the Eurostar on topics related to maritime space (…) For them, it is really great experience ”, specifies the president of the Paris campus.

The Sup de Pub Career Center, career accelerator

The Career Center is a Sup de Pub unit dedicated to corporate relationships. It is responsible for supporting students in their search for an internship or apprenticeship. Since its inception, the Career Center has helped 1,500 students find an apprenticeship or apprenticeship and 1,300 others sign an internship agreement. To this end, it has an extensive network of 6,000 companies and nearly 10,000 former graduates (alumni).

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