In world premiere, a new Metavers rock band is born

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Music legends can often be left in the wind of time, not just specific songs and artists, but entire genres. Today, the metaverse offers new opportunities for artists to share their world with a global audience, much like the invention of the Internet 30 years ago. The Daisies team had a vision to preserve the legacy of rock forever, ushering in a massive revolution in the music industry.

Now, exclusively on VentureBeat, we’re excited to announce the release of The Meta Daisies, along with their breathtaking new single Radiance. We get our first look at this groundbreaking metaverse rock band, along with a great meta movie.

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Meta Daisies are the digital offspring of rock legends, The Dead Daisies. Home to some of the most iconic figures in rock history, The Dead Daisies are made up of former members of Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake and Foreigner. Always ahead, The Dead Daisies are innovators, looking for cutting edge ways to interact with their fans. The Meta Daisies are their new creation, which will stand the test of time and ignite rock music for a new generation.

The driving forces behind this project are David Lowy, the Daisies guitarist and famed Australian financial magnate, and David Edwards, the creative mastermind of Spitfire Music Pty Ltd. They and their team recognized the power of connecting with fans past, present and future, and the ability of the various Metaverse platforms to bring new music to rock fans – and see the Metaverse as the answer. †

They partner with leading NFT, Web 3.0 and Metaverse experts to bring The Meta Daisies to life. Altergaze (HoverGrease, ZHEN) and Dimoso (Harry Potter, Roblox, Marvel, Angry Birds) led the creation of the new group, working with expert advisors Thomas Lee (Madison Beers avatar, Final Fantasy IX) and Kelly Vero (Tomb Raider , transformers).

The Meta Daisies are pushing rock into a future unexplored by bands of the past. Imagine your favorite rock stars of past eras have been reborn, bringing epic music and energy to a new generation, now and forever – that’s The Meta Daisies. A new creation that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the world of music and web 3.0. The Meta Daisies combine Healer’s soaring vocals, lead guitarist Viper’s massive riffs, Aviator’s roaring rhythm guitar and Beatz’ percussion.

The meta-movie gives a first look at Daisyland, the metaverse home of The Meta Daisies. The soundtrack to the band’s new single Radiance, The Meta Cut Scene, features Daisy, the guardian of the Meta Daisies.

In an abandoned city, an enchanting bright light catches her eye and she travels back in time through a dark forest to discover a castle with a secret tunnel that leads to an underground vault. Fascinated by a small red music box, she opens it and releases a luminous orb that follows her into the underworld. Daisy watches over the Meta Daisies performing great rock music and touches an angel who causes an epic explosion, propelling her into the cityscape where she rejoins the energy sphere and ascends into the next meta dimension.

Radiance is just the beginning for The Meta Daisies. Their goal is to travel through the new, unknown lands of the metaverse to show the universe that rock is alive and kicking. Fans can experience Daisyland for themselves by visiting Avakin Life and partying at Daisy’s underground nightclub.

La plate-forme métaverse popular utilisée par des millions de personnes du monde entier organisera une soirée d’écoute du 9 au 16 juin où les fans pourront faire la fête ensemble et se balancer sur The Meta Daisies, et peut-être même rencontrer Daisy elle -same.

The main goal of The Meta Daisies is to follow in the footsteps of The Dead Daisies, take their legacy to new audiences and create brand new experiences for fans. The Meta Daisies mark an important and exciting time in music history, venturing into worlds some don’t see or even understand. With a commitment to fan engagement and seeing the opportunity to leverage new technologies to augment it – live performances, exclusive music, exclusive merchandise – anything is possible with The Meta Daisies.

Stay tuned to VentureBeat to learn more about The Meta Daisies, because that’s just the beginning.

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