Giving meaning to your obligations thanks to the bachelor Coordination of international and social development projects at the 3A school

A management school known for its values ​​of openness to the world and ethics, 3A offers an undergraduate degree on its Lyon campus for students who have a plan to build a better world. As the additional phase of Parcoursup is about to begin, this is the perfect opportunity to discover a course that will give meaning to your studies and your professional project.

Parcoursup: the complementary phase, an opportunity to seize

Every summer, the publication of the results of the orientation wishes on Parcoursup ensures that some of the students revise their orientation wishes. Thanks to the complementary phase that is used in the process, it is possible to formulate new wishes and discover new ambitions. This is the perfect time to take stock of your study project and find the field in which you want to orientate and build your professional project.

Are you interested in humanitarian aid, international trade, social and solidarity economy or CSR? So why not be tempted by the bachelor’s degree in Coordination of International and Social Development Projects at the 3A school?

3A, a top management school like no other

The 3A school defends strong values. Driven by the desire to give meaning to your obligations, it aims to help each student build a professional project in line with their ideal. Conscious of the stakes involved in such a challenge, 3A relies on a pedagogy that is attuned to the times and that intertwines geopolitics, social and solidarity economy and sustainable development, among other things.

The school firmly believes in the possibility of moving the lines and does not accept fate. It has also received the support and sponsorship of prestigious partners, including L’Abbé Pierre, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Bernard Kouchner, Action against Hunger and Handicap International.

Joining 3A means training to rethink the world of tomorrow. The many classes that are taught give each student the necessary resources to carry out the projects in which they want to invest.

Focus on the Bachelor Coordination of International and Social Development Projects

By participating in the Bachelor of Coordination of International and Social Development Projects, you can obtain a diploma approved by the state. This is a bac +3 title issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Becoming a member of 3A also and above all means discovering another school, with a unique philosophy.

An innovative pedagogy for the challenges of tomorrow

To make its classes lively and attractive, 3A relies on innovative pedagogy. Depending on the different disciplines covered during the course (anthropology, law, international economics, etc.), the teaching staff gives the students a great deal of freedom in choosing the topics to be studied in more depth. The way of learning is also intended to be innovative and stimulating. During the different semesters, the students are confronted with original and varied exercises, such as the production of short films to raise awareness, the organization of colloquia or even the setting up of field studies with professionals.

In summary, the aim of the school’s educational program is to develop students’ critical thinking and prepare them for their professional future. At the end of this bachelor’s degree, every student is able to:

  • understand the main social, economic and political issues at the international level;
  • apply a sustainable development and management logic within the projects to be implemented;
  • lead projects with a strong economic and social impact, while maintaining impeccable professional ethics.

Professional training open to the world

The bachelor coordination of international and social development projects offered on the Lyon campus is based on three pillars:

  • the management science axis, which serves as an introduction to the basic lessons that make up project management (marketing, accounting, management, etc.);
  • the international axis, which emphasizes development on a global scale;
  • the professionalization axis, which prepares for the profession of project coordinator.

During this three-year course, each student has the opportunity to take part of the teaching modules entirely in English. Depending on the chosen study programme, it is also possible to follow a semester abroad as part of a university exchange. A great opportunity to discover a new culture and strengthen your command of a foreign language.

In order to promote the professionalization of students, a departure is also planned in the first year for a professional project abroad or in France. In the same way, an internship of at least two months must be carried out the following year.

Finally, in the third year, it is possible to choose from several courses in order to compose a program in line with your professional project. It is also and especially during these last two semesters that students can opt for an apprenticeship formula within a company or an NGO. Present in the host structure three days a week, it is an opportunity for each of them to discover the world of work alongside their studies and to put to good use the theoretical knowledge acquired during the bachelor.

What are the job opportunities after graduation?

After graduation, new project coordinators naturally focus on areas with major social and economic challenges, such as:

  • the social and solidarity economy;
  • humanitarian;
  • responsible finances;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • alternative international development.

The positions of graduates of the A3 school are diverse. It is not surprising that these are mainly functions related to project management, which usually have an international dimension. Among the most popular professions are project manager (CSR, sustainable development, marketing, etc.), international buyer or even mission manager within a non-governmental organization (NGO).

At the end of the bachelor’s degree, 3A learners are encouraged to take one of the Bac +4/+°5 programs offered by the school to gain in-depth management skills in their chosen field: Solidarity Economics and Responsible Finance, Social innovation, international business development, international cooperation and humanitarian action.

What you need to know about how to register

The extra phase planned by Parcoursup will take place from June 23 to September 16. To be eligible, you must be a candidate or graduate of a general or technology baccalaureate degree, or an equivalent degree.

Admission to the 3A School is subject to the acceptance of your application file and your success in a series of exams. The tests consist of two oral exams, which are intended to measure your motivation as well as your level of English, and a summary of written documents.

As a unique school of responsible management, 3A encourages its students to believe in their ideals and give themselves the resources to carry out their projects. The Bachelor’s degree in Coordination of International and Social Development Projects is based on an innovative pedagogy and invites students to multiply experiences in order to build a solid cultural and professional background.

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