Find out why a school in Sens adopted three laying hens

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. For example, at the Jeanne-d’Arc school in Sens, a small part of the yard had to be sacrificed to accommodate some special boarders: three young laying hens! In 2021, the private Catholic establishment had decided to launch a sustainable development project. All planned actions will be realized this year. Trays for planting strawberries, tomatoes and pumpkins have been placed. Insect hotels are attached to the walls. A compost bin has also appeared in the garden.

They only eat leftovers that fit their diet

Awareness among students has started. In this context, plastics are already being sorted for recycling, but food waste management in the canteen has also been investigated. Director Claire Delayre then came up with the idea of ​​providing the school with chickens that would eat some of the leftovers from the cafeteria. It happened last Friday. “We’ve been wanting to make this chicken coop for about a year,” she says. We recently bought three chickens that were born last December from an organic farm that raises them in Saint-Maurice-aux-Riches-Hommes. We built a fenced enclosure in the kindergarten , on a strip of land that already existed and where several trees provide shade.” The hens quickly showed their luck.

Tomatoes are known to reduce egg laying. We also know that meats, sauces and acidic foods are not recommended.

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“We placed them on Friday, May 27. Fifteen minutes later, one had already laid! Then, on Monday and Tuesday, we found four eggs. This is a sign that they are feeling well. I think .” The waste from the canteen that corresponds to the diet of a laying hen is “served” by the children and teachers to the gallinaceous birds. “We know that tomatoes cut the laying. We also know that meat, sauces, acidic foods are not recommended. On the other hand, pasta, bread or salad, which we gave them this week, is good for them,” explains the director.

Recruitment in progress for a public service

A huge trash can has been allocated to the school by the Parks and Gardens Department of the City of Sens. And the rainwater that is collected in this way benefits the chickens. The eggs laid are sold to the parents of the students. The money will be used to buy the wheat that will complete the fowl-like menu. The cleaning of the chicken coop will be done on a rotating basis. To manage this new activity, the director is currently recruiting “a citizen in disability and sustainable development”. This employee must start in the following school year, in September. Meanwhile, it is already singing loudly in the hen house, after each laying.

Four-day week and new director of primary school Jeanne-d’Arc reorganized in 2019

Emmanuel Gougeon

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