School 42 in Perpignan l First picks for a swimming pool in November 2022

Between the shovel and the trowel, the politico-economic gratin of the department was collected on the site of the Dames de France. The opportunity for those who have worked with innovative methods on the installation of this school to show their desire to preserve the living forces in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The opportunity to also officially open registrations for the Perpignan School 42 . to launch and the campus nicknamed “The Pool”.

♦ “It all started with a tweet”

An avid supporter of Silicon Valley with Catalan sauce, Laurent Gauze, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, talks about the genesis of the École 42 installation in Perpignan.I replied to the tweet that launched École 42 in Nice by saying: “The next one in Perpignan?† It all started from there. Two days later, while on the plane, we spoke via video with the former principal of School 42. He replied, “If you really want to, why not”. When I was elected and the chairman of PMM* was still Jean-Marc Pujol. He immediately said yes.

And when Robert Vila took over the presidency, he said: let’s go and we’ll do it! † Géro Vigney, former student and new director of École 42, which will move into the prestigious Dames de France building in November, told Laurent Gauze: The students at 42 Paris call Xavier Niel**, Tonton, will those from Perpignan call you “Papa”?† Laurent Gauze replies: “Honestly, it’s not just me, it’s a collective that made this installation in Perpignan possible. If the students of Perpignan want to give me a nickname afterwards, I’ll be happy to take it.”

♦ “The next founders of Licorne should be able to face the Canigou instead of facing the Eiffel Tower! †

As soon Cédric Siré, founder of Webedia, speaks, we feel the nostalgia in his words. Nostalgia for the daily sweetness of life in the ward† This native of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque lives his Parisian life as an exile. “I founded the first digital media group on the internet. A group that now numbers 6000 people. Nicolas Julia, child of Ille-sur-Têt created the first French unicorn » (Editor’s note: Sorare’s startup is valued at $43 billion). And we, we had to go into exile! †Cédric Siré wants the next makers of start-ups to be able to do the same from Perpignan. The one who is also president of the École 42 association to indicate that: the view of the Canigou makes you happier than that of the eiffel tower.

♦ School 42 Perpignan, a symbol?

For Cédric Siré, this new 2nd chance school, “by which everyone and everyone can succeed” should become a symbol. “I would like 42 to be a symbol. The symbol of what this city, this department should become† This territory should focus on the knowledge economy and that generate added value locally. I experience the telecommuting revolution every day. What matters today for those who join Webedia is the quality of life in their workplace.

And our department, this city has everything to attract them; the sun, the sea, affordable real estate prices, skills, infrastructure. For once, and thanks to this labor revolution, we can be number 1. I say this every day. And so I want 42 to be one of the elements of this transformation, of what this territory is to become.

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♦ Who can dive in the Ecole 42 Perpignan swimming pool?

Cédric Siré recalls that at the School 42 . to integrate “it’s about who you are”; not what you’ve done, your age, gender, or where you’re from.

  • You do not need to know the code to apply, training at 42 starts at 0 for everyone.
  • No specialization or diploma is required to apply.
  • The campuses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the curriculum adapts to everyone’s lives.
  • École 42 shows a desire for diversity, co-education and inclusion.
  • All adults can start a new life at the age of 42.
  • Completely free training.

A school that bases its pedagogy on “peer-to-peer”***, with positive and negative points. We had collected the testimony of Aaron, 42 years old. I would say the training model is very effective, the opening hours of the school (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), the student community of 42, the multitude of projects and programming areas; web, application, IA, network, system, etc. The campus is not big, but it is very pleasant. IMac computers are regularly changed to keep up to date, many events with speakers related to programming. On negative points? The absence of coercion can be fatal for students who do not know how to manage their time correctly† Due to the lack of courses, some knowledge is difficult to acquire on your own. We usually realize this during the first professional experience, but nothing insurmountable”.

School 42? Kesako?

Xavier Niel, founder and shareholder of Iliad, a French telecommunications group and parent company of Free, opened the first school 42 in Paris in 2013. The goal is to train developers in self-training. It is clear that practice takes precedence over theoretical education.† The training, which lasts 2 to 5 years, makes it possible to acquire know-how and immediate employability to enter the labor market. École 42 in Perpignan is the 6th branch in France† Around the world, there are 44 campuses in 26 countries that educate 15,000 students who will be the developers of tomorrow. According to Cédric Siré, president of the employer’s office, 100% of students who leave École 42 find a job. Their average annual salary is around €42,000.

*PMM – Mediterranean metropolis Perpignan.
** Xavier Niel, president and founder of Illiad, parent company of Free and founder of the École 42 concept.
*** Peer-to-peer, peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer systems are a network exchange model where each entity is both client and server, unlike the client-server model. In the case of pedagogy, the students evolve among themselves, and each experience applies to the group as a whole.

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