Microsoft invests in education and launches its school!

Tuesday 31 May on the Campus Cyber from La Defense to Paris, Microsoft being revealed Cyber ​​security skills plan. Corine De BilbaoPresident of Microsoft France, accompanied by: Bernard OurghanlianMicrosoft France Technical and Security Director, unveiled the the company’s new ambitions and strategies in Cyber ​​Security.

Cybersecurity, a current theme

The cybersecurity is a critical and global issue, especially since the pandemic, where we have seen the number of attacks increase. The hackers become professional and use increasingly sophisticated techniques, forcing companies to continuously train themselves to guard against these increasing criminal risks.

According to research conducted by Microsoft with IDC, 70% of companies are able to increase their security spending. In addition, 64% of organizations say they will make cybersecurity education and awareness among their employees a priority over the next two years.

What cybersecurity issues is Microsoft trying to address?

Cybersecurity remains an industry subject to certain stereotypes, especially gender. It’s easy to imagine that “hacker alone in his room in front of his computer and with a hood” comments Bernard Ourghanlian. However, the threat is much bigger and more diverse than we are used to seeing in movies. There is a real lack of awareness and education of the population about the computer hygiene you should practice and the reflexes you should have.

Corine De Bilbao emphasizes the 15,000 vacancies available in France but not covered in the cybersecurity sector† This figure is all the more important when we know that all businesses, regardless of size, are victims of attacks and therefore need to be protected.

The Cybersecurity Skills Plan, the Microsoft solution

Microsoftknown for being policy 0 trust (no trust), describes internet such as a big chainin which all users are responsible for its security† Therefore, anyone can also be the vector of an attack, even behind a VPN or firewall.

Assuming this “0 trust” position is tantamount to acting for Microsoft as follows: 4 pillars

the Cybersecurity Skills Plan just launched is exactly intended to to make aware cybersecurity best practices and at the discovery of crafts but also for training cybersecurity professionals.

Microsoft will make a national awareness campaign with the distribution of Kit “Cyber ​​Security, My Future Job” for colleges, secondary schools and higher education. This kit, available on Github, was developed by cybersecurity experts. It aims advice to prevent attacks, but also to to discover the different professions of this sector and from encourage vocations among the youngest, especially among women which currently represent only 11% of these companies.

Company goes too team up with Simplon and Advens to create an inclusive school dedicated to cybersecurity. This school is for job seekers and no level or skill advance are not required. The program includes an 8-week boot camp, a 3-month intensive training and a 15-month work-study program. Graduates achieve a Bac+⅔ level and can practice the profession of Cloud and Hybrid Security Operator. By 2025, the company hopes to train 10,000 cybersecurity professionals.

Since the industry IT security is constantly evolving, Microsoft also has strengthen the continuing education of professionals currently works through LinkedIn Learning, Labs, Cloud Games…


Microsoft, through its Cybersecurity Skills Plan, wishes compensate for the lack of skills and expertise France is currently experiencing in the IT security sector† Above all, the company wishes to make aware and training, in particular by introducing these professions to as many people as possible. In reality, untilIn addition to purely technical skills, this sector needs diversity to move forward.

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