Fewer distance learning courses, more ecology… students’ expectations of their school and university

43,700 students in 860 locations were surveyed around 5 main themes: the conditions in which they study, teaching and pedagogy, the quality of student life, the preparation for their professional future and the effectiveness of their branch’s network of partner companies.

This ranking, which integrates technical schools, business schools, specialty schools, universities and CFAs, provides an inventory of student satisfaction with their educational institution and their expectations.

Need to restore the link: more face-to-face and student life

By 2022, 71% of students say they are generally satisfied with their school or university. This figure is 4 points lower than in 2021 and 8 points lower compared to 2020. The health crisis, by keeping students away from their place of education, has also raised higher expectations… in particular about the quality of “student life.” ” . It only gets the support of 62% of students, i.e. a drop of 15 points since 2020: the loss of social ties caused by two years of health crisis has left its mark, especially for those who started their studies in 2020.

In pedagogical terms, hybrid (distance) learning has largely lost its appeal: only 65% ​​think it is well designed, 7 points less than in 2021. back to face-to-face lessonsbut also innovations to make them lively and attractive.

The integration of CSR issues (Corporate Social Responsibility) in a broad sense is experienced as positive by 71% of the students. 80% think the behavior towards minorities in their school is exemplary. On the other hand, they remain dissatisfied withecology : Only 64% believe that their establishment is committed to a responsible environmental approach, whether this is reflected in the daily practice in the school (recycling, energy saving) or in the content of the courses.

Students in particular expect new proposals from their school, university or CFA in the field ofpartner companies† Only 70% of the respondents say they are satisfied on this point, ie 15 points less than in 2020. When applying for internships, apprenticeships or recruitment, future graduates want to get in touch with motivating companies, with a positive impact on society and the environment. environment , who undertake to offer them quality contracts.

However, the youngest students show a strong optimism about their coming† 88% of future graduates in 2026 believe their school is preparing them to have a positive impact on the world. While only 70% of older students (future graduates of 2022 and 2023) share this enthusiasm. Here too, the crisis will have left deeper marks on these young people who have experienced the uncertainties caused by the crisis.

Differences between universities and Grandes Ecoles

78% of technical students say they are satisfied with their school, ie 6 points more than the average, and 81% would recommend studying there, ie 7 points more than all students. This achievement is based in particular on the establishment by these branches of a network of quality partner companies, approved by 79% of engineering students. The only drawback is that only 66% (5 points less than the average) think that the student and the faculty reflect sufficient diversity.

business schools. With an overall satisfaction rate of 76%, ie 5 points above the average, business schools are doing well. Students appreciate the quality of the equipment made available to them more than elsewhere (9 points more) and the richness of student life (5 more points).

university students are less satisfied than the others: 2 points less than the average. In question, the absence of extracurricular projects (3 points less). In contrast, more than 84% think their diploma is well recognized by employers, ie 4 points more than the average student. And 76% (6 points higher) believe their university reflects the diversity of the society in which they live and prepare for work.

Survey methodology: Between September 2021 and March 2022, the HappyIndex®AtSchool 2022 survey was conducted among 43,740 participants from 860 locations, who expressed their views through companies and the ChooseMyCompany.com website. 97% of the reviews are certified reviews (from a formal investigation).

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