Buying a house with bitcoin? Gafisa, a real estate company in Brazil, accepts crypto payments

Gafisa, one of Brazil’s leading real estate companies, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for real estate. Bitcoin is excellent for real estate development companies because: it eliminates middlemenwhich is common in the real estate development industry, according to one of Gafisa’s officials.

According to a press release, the company’s decision to accept bitcoin is based on the technology’s ability to open up new opportunities for innovation. in the financial sectorCryptocurrency acceptance takes place through the local exchange fox animal, the company announced.

Cryptocurrencies and Real Estate: A Perfect Marriage

One of the key elements that led the company to consider this option is the growth of the cryptocurrency sector – said Guilherme Augusto Soares Benevides, General Manager of Gafisa.

“There is no way to do business without using crypto as a payment method, as using currency not only provides an additional payment option for the buyer, but also promotes the best for our customers. » Benevides

Brazil has emerged as one of the strongest supporters due to the rapid growth in the use of digital currencies in the country. The country ranks sixth in value traded on the blockchain, according to a report by Chainalysis.

Cryptocurrencies have become so popular that they are now widely used, despite the fact that bitcoin is not accepted as a means of payment by the Central Bank of Brazil. The widespread nature of this activity is illustrated by the involvement of large listed companies.

Brazil is hungry for cryptocurrencies

“Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization and technologically the largest currency in history”; “It is a currency that is gaining popularity every day and expanding its uses. – Benevides

In addition to bitcoin, Gafisa accepts a plethora of virtual currencies, including Cardano ($ADA), Ethereum ($ETH), Ripple ($XRP) and Solana ($SOL). The company accepts a total of 16 different cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

The company is one of the country’s leading real estate developers, as one in 130 Brazilians lives in one of Gafisa’s properties. Buyers must provide documents proving that they intend to purchase real estate using cryptocurrencies. The company will then go through this form thoroughly before providing the customer with a wallet address.

Last week, bitcoin’s seventh weekly price drop pinned, making it the longest period in recorded history. However, despite the optimistic market outlook, the market ended the week on a pessimistic note, prompting major investor concern.

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This article is presented to you in French in consultation with our partner
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