NFTs become a bridge between the physical and the digital

NFTs take on a new dimension in art, far from being available only on our screens, they invite themselves to our concerts, parties, restaurants and other places where only physical art once reigned.

NFTs want to interact with their physics community

As new virtual parties in the metaverse grow in popularity, NFTs appear in our physical parties. And this to build a bridge between the two worlds and strengthen the interactions between the projects and their communities.

One example is last month’s Coachella Music Festival, where Vault721, a full-service Web 3.0 agency, took over the Villa Royale resort in Palm Springs, California to host a weekend of NFTs, drones performing physical airdrops, and a ” ether egg hunt”. on Easter Sunday. Large flat screens with NFTs lined the perimeter of the complex, and waiters served THC-infused NFT-themed dishes prepared by celebrity chefs.

NFTs are becoming “cool”, especially being picked up by many American influencers, such as Logan Paul, Snoop Dogg and Gary Vee, to be seen as hype everyday items.

They are therefore more and more present in our lives, such as this restaurant in Long Beach, California called Bored&Hungry, referring to the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

This restaurant was designed by Andy Nguyen, a food entrepreneur known for creating exciting food concepts. Last March, Nguyen spent $267,000 to purchase Bored Ape #6184 and two other Mutant Apes afterward to access the IP and Community rights granted to NFT holders.

Armed with Bored Ape Yacht Club IP, Andy Nguyen transformed the space to showcase how the marketing potential of BAYC and NFTs can translate into the real world with his business.

It is possible to pay by credit card, or in Ethereum and Apecoin, the currency of the BAYC project. The restaurant was so successful that it decided to remain open permanently, despite being considered a temporary restaurant for 90 days. The ApeCoin that will migrate from Ethereum to its own blockchain.

source: Bored & Hungry

Open digital art to as many people as possible

Coming back to Coachella, other projects have decided to build this bridge between Web 3.0 and the physical. Denton, the artist behind Dented Feels, created a personalized Dented Feels NFT during the event, punched it and raffled it – approximately 70 attendees bought raffle tickets for $7,500 each. Angel Baby Hit Squad paraded a real “Angel Baby” in angel wings on the field. A collection called Clay Friends brought heaps of clay and invited people to create and craft their own personalized Clay Friends.

Another NFT firm, Gem Set, took the opportunity to show its community that it was serious about the IRL tools promised to holders. Gem Set is an upcoming collection – no release date has been set – containing 10,000 NFTs, each linked to a physical diamond. Many collections put physical or asset activations on their roadmap, but most tend to over-promise and fall short. This project is reminiscent of Novilium and its NFTs backed by precious metals coins.

For us, it’s about people being creative IRL. We’ve all built these communities online, but it’s important to leave the computer behind and find time to create said Bo Brannen of Clay Friends.

NFTs therefore occupy a large place in the world of art, festivals and other events where people can express themselves and create. This aspect of NFTs develops a sense of community and reminds us that the democratization of art makes Web 3.0 even more inclusive.

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